Ability to define fixed widths for each of the table columns

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dbfront does a great job in sizing the table column windows when there are lots of columns but when there are just a few it doesn't look good (e.g. only 3 or 4 small columns on a look up table). Also there are some columns where you'd be quite happy just seeing the first few characters and be happy to click in the row to open the form the see the full contents. I think this would enable better use of screen space.

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Thank you for the request and I understand where you are going with this.

One interim solution would be to use a view field to display truncated versions of the long columns in the table.

Another item to note is that you can use the "Table beside Detail" view for those cases where you only need narrow tables. See: Table Layout Preferences

NOTE: Please vote on this Feature Request if it interests you.

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