MySQL 1:1 Relationships showing up as 1:M [closed]

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I am trying to get a 1:1 relationship recognized by DBFront.

I have a main and secondary table, where I have a UNIQUE constraint on an index that points to a column on the main table.

DBFront is currently just recognizing this as a 1:M relationship, and shows a new tab with one record in a grid that needs to be selected in order to edit. This works, but is clunky.

How can I get this to show up as a 1:1 relationship?


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Currently dbFront recognizes 1:1 relationships when the PK (Primary Key) of the child table is joined to the PK of the parent table.  Does that describe your situation?
It wasn't set up that way, so I changed it, and now it's recognized. Thank you.

It would be great if the 1:1 details could be represented on the same form (vs. a seperate tab), though, since to the user, the data is all of the same type.
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