MySQL 1:1 Relationships showing up as 1:M

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I am trying to get a 1:1 relationship recognized by DBFront.

I have a main and secondary table, where I have a UNIQUE constraint on an index that points to a column on the main table.

DBFront is currently just recognizing this as a 1:M relationship, and shows a new tab with one record in a grid that needs to be selected in order to edit. This works, but is clunky.

How can I get this to show up as a 1:1 relationship?


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It wasn't set up that way, so I changed it, and now it's recognized. Thank you.

It would be great if the 1:1 details could be represented on the same form (vs. a separate tab), though, since to the user, the data is all of the same type.

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Currently dbFront recognizes 1:1 relationships when the PK (Primary Key) of the child table is joined to the PK of the parent table.

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