Error: Can't get version, The remote name could not be resolved: '' [closed]

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The error message above was found in the LogFile and I dont see any notifications but an empty red box on the top of the page after login.

I use version and wonder what the problem might be. I cannot even ping/resolve Is there an option to disable this or do I need to change the address?

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The version checks are done primarily against the domain The domain is a fallback domain coded into dbFront in the event that is not reachable or if I decide to move some services to another server or host.

I will look at improving the error details and message.

If the error is ongoing then the most likely source of the error is that access to is blocked from the webserver.

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Thanks for the hint, I was now able to resolve the problem.
A message that the first call to is not successful would be an improvement.
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