Fixed: Column treated as a boolean (Oracle)

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I see in 2018 release history that dbFront has the following feature :
Allow any Integer or Text field to be treated as a boolean

As my DB is Oracle, I have no boolean column type.
I'm usually creating such columns as NUMBER (1/0) or CHAR(1) (Y/N).

Unfortunately, it doesn't seems to fully work in dbFront (
If the column is a number, 1 are correctly displayed as true, 0 as false, but changing the value (checkbox) cause a error message during data saving.

Am I missing something ?
Maybe my column types are wrong, what is the expected Oracle column types ?
Documentation does not give detail about column subtype "Boolean".

In advance, many thanks for you help
Pierre Goaziou

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Hello Pierre, It looks like you found a bug.   I will see about fixing this shortly and get back to you.

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This bug has been fixed by dbFront version

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