How do I migrate all of my dbFront work over to another server?

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I installed dbFront on my local computer and now I would like to transfer/move it and all my connection preferences to another server. How do I do this?

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As of version, dbFront now has the ability to export the database settings to a file which can then be transferred to another server and imported.

The process to migrate your settings to a new server while using the same database server are:

  1. Install dbFront on the new server and register it.
  2. Create the database connections on the new server.
  3. Export the settings from the old server. You will need to specify a database. See: Export/Import
  4. Ensure that only the settings are being exported.
  5. Import the settings at the new server. You will need to specify the destination database.

For more details see: Export/Import

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