Fixed: Data type "bit" not showing the right outcome

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I have columns with "bit" Data Type and wanted to show True, False or Blank in the table grid.

If I select the checkbox with the checkmark, data shows as True which is correct but leaving the checkbox as blank or "-", data in the dbFront shows as there is no value selected (blank) although the table in the Database does show as blank for checkbox with "-" selected and False if checkbox was left unchecked.

This is what I would expect to see (items marked in red) with each selection

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This issue has been fixed by dbFront version

If the column is nullable then dbFront will show a red X for false values. To avoid cluttering up the display this will only be true if the boolean value is nullable.

If the boolean is non-nullable then dbFront will show a green check for True and a blank for False.

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Thank you :-)
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