Fixed: Fix Column Support for Chrome and New Edge

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I think we've some discussions about this in the past, but with Microsoft now providing Edge based on Chromium, I'd like you to consider providing proper support for Chromium based browsers.
The problem with using a Chromium based browser (specifically Chrome or Edge) is not that dbFront doesn't work - it just doesn't render the screen formats as it should.
In my case, it just doesn't render the layout groups as I want them - in particular it doesn't obey the Layout-Forms-Max Columns. I can't get it to render more than 2 columns irrespective of how i define the form & column widths.
With Edge now the default Microsoft browser and mainstream support for IE 11 due to end on 14th Oct 2020, perhaps it's time to make dbFront "Edge compliant".

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I found and fixed the Chrome and "New Edge" column bug. This bug did not affect the "Old Edge", IE or Firefox.  This fix should be available in the next release of dbFront.

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This bug has been fixed by dbFront version

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