Have you had any errors with the product? Considering purchase.

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I want to purchase the product, but management wants to know if anyone has experienced any errors related to dbFront. Their concern is that support is single-threaded for the product. Otherwise, I see how this application could fit our needs.

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Is this a question I (product owner) should answer or are you looking for a community response?
I guess I am looking for a community response (and your input is also welcome).  I really, really want dbFront for our school district, but management is skittish.  I am hoping that the community can provide me with ammunition.  Otherwise I am going to have to go with bloated Microsoft PowerApps

I work for an IT organization within a corporation.  We use this to manager our server inventory and application records.  Its been fantastic and have nothing but rave reviews from my management.  There have been very small things along the way that were discovered as we used and grew with the product, but dbFront has very quickly and effectively helped resolve those bugs.  Most of the time there was already a new release waiting in the wings that had already addressed the issue.

I would highly recommend.

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Hi jsellers,

Based on my experience, dbFront is the BEST “business purchase” I have made
in the recent few years. You could probably see a bunch of questions I have
asked especially at the beginning of my journey and Anthony was very
helpful and very quick in answering them all. There were few issues that I
would come across and they were fixed in a timely manner. Previously, I
have developed my own frontend which was not so good to begin with but it
worked... The problem was constant updates that needed to occur with the
changes to the Database. When I looked for a solution with the 3rd party, I
came across dbFront and I loved the idea of how this application interacts
with your database on the fly. You add, delete or change things in the
database, and you instantly see those changes without a need to tinker with
anything else. As you might think, that saves me a lot of time. With the
full month [30 days] of a free license, I had time to familiarize myself
with the application and test its capabilities. Anthony even offered online
sessions a couple of times while I was still using a free version to work
with me on the issue with my database [not necessarily dbFront issue] and I
am very thankful for that. If you are looking for a tool that is going to
save you tons of time with the GREAT support behind it, don’t look any
further, dbFront is THE BEST application that you could find and in all
honesty, it is priced very reasonably.

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Hello jsellers,
We've been using dbFront in our business - The North Yorkshire Moors Railway ( for close on four years now.
We use it to manage our Membership, our Fundraising, our Volunteers, some of our Special Events management and our Timetable management.
It has never let us down. The response from the dbFront team to minor bugs (yes - there have been some) has been timely and effective and the response to enhancement requests has always been well considered by the dbFront team and mostly implemented where it was considered to be of general benefit to the product and other users.
The functionality of the product has evolved and increased over the four years and is now a very effective front end to your database. I use views and database triggers to improve how the data is presented to the users and to implement business rules effectively.
I have over 30 years experience of database design and application programming and this is easily the best tool out there for speedy & effective system deployment.
It is a great product and a bargain at the current prices.
Very Best Regards
Colin Graham
Data Analyst
North Yorkshire Moors Railway

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