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I have upgraded to Version today and everything went fine so far. The only problem I encountered is how layout groups are handled. LayoutGroups used to be completely in one column as far as I can see in old screenshots. But now they span over multiple columns and there border/caption behaviour is odd.

  1. The Caption is half in one column and half in the next one
  2. The border of the layout group expands over multiple columns, this feels odd
  3. Depending on the data it happens, that only the caption or only the closing line of the layout group is alone in one row

Is there an option I did not find to define how layout groups behave?



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Layout Groups do have a Max Columns property similar to how the main form layout allows you to specify a Max Columns property.

Layout Groups are designed to allow you to create a group that has multiple columns within a single form column. If that is not what you are seeing then let me know.

If should be noted that fixed two outstanding issues with column layout in Chrome.

Note: A picture is worth a 1000 words, so including a link to screenshot might be very helpful.

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I uploaded some screenshots to show my issues. I also tried to set the Max Columns of the Layout Group to 1, but this does not change anything. Layout Type is on default.

Chrome, IE - there is no difference.
More proof that a picture is worth a thousand words.  :)  The issue you are seeing is actually a display bug that requires a simple CSS patch.  That is the fix I was talking about in my answer.
This issue should now be fixed in which you can test on the website or download to your own environment for testing.
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