Fixed: SAML Properties Application Id field isn't long enough and cuts off the Id provided, can it be increased?

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The application ID provided by Google is too long for application Id field in the SAML properties window. I'm not sure what to do or if I can do anything to increase it.

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What is the length of the ApplicationId you have been provided?
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Note: If you are not yet using the 1.0.15 release of dbFront then I recommend upgrading because of the improved SAML support.

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I updated the available length in the dbFront setup screen in the 1.0.15 release.

For older releases of dbFront you can save what you can via the settings screen and then open the dbFront Service config file and manually update the config entry.

The dbFrontService config file is found in the folder c:\program files (x86)\dbFront and is named dbFrontService.exe.config.

The key and value you want to update is: SSOApplicationId.

NOTE: If you attempt to save a subsequent change then it is possible that the application id may be truncated.

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