How do i create a list of pre defined phrases for a particular field in the form?

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I have a simple table that I update using dbfront. There is one field called status. Instead of physically typing the status of the product, I want to create a static dropdown list with pre defined status items. Can you please guide me how to do this?

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For help in creating lookup fields see: Simple Lookups/Dropdowns.

You can also create cascading lookups. For details on cascading lookup see: Cascading Lookups/Dropdowns

Let me know if you need further help and I can improve the documentation.

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So I need to have another lookup table? I cant create a dropdown in the form with pre defined terms?
That is correct.  For reasoning why dbFront does not support pure custom dropdowns see the answer on this question:
I am not having much luck with this. I tried to create the query from table preferences but it gave me an error.
Basically I have a simple DB documenting  our product repairs as they come in. I want to create a dropdown list for ..say .. the model number field.
Can you possibly walk me through this scenario?
Please send me a website chat or a email to [email protected] and we can do a Zoom screen share.
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