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Simple Lookups/Dropdowns

dbFront automatically creates dropdown fields based on the relationships set up between tables.

If dbFront notices that you have a foreign key relationship between one of the fields on your table to another "Parent" table then it will automatically create a single select dropdown based on the parent table.

You can then click on the gear icon on the lookup column to adjust the preferences such as:

  • customizing the columns that are displayed in the dropdown,
  • adjusting the sort order,
  • filtering the rows in the dropdown.

If you currently don't have a lookup table then dbFront has a Table Tool available that will help you to create a lookup table.  The tool will generate the SQL you need to migrate one or more columns and all their data to a newly created lookup table.  The Table Tool is found on the last tab of the table preferences.

NOTE: The SQL is only generated as an aid, please validate before running.

Trouble Shooting

Further Reading

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