Allow 1:1 details to be represented on the parent form

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It would be great if the 1:1 details could be represented on the same form (vs. a separate tab), though, since to the user, the data is all of the same type.

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That is an interesting request and makes lots of sense.

NOTE: Please vote on this Feature Request if it interests you.

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Whilst I don't have an immediate use for this, I can certainly see the rationale for it. In essence a 1:1 relationship is just the same record split over two tables.
@Colin, Exactly, 1-1 relationships are a way of optionally extending the current table without having to create a pile of mostly unused fields.  An option I want to explore is allowing the user to choose between one of several primary record types.   Imagine a table of network devices: a Server, a Network Printer, a Workstation, etc...  With each device type needing a different set of additional fields represented by a different 1-1 relationship or a combination of different 1-1 relationships.
May I ask what the status of this feature request is? What would the cost be to get it added, if that's an option?
Hello Daniel, I would like to move this discussion into a ticket.  Could you email [email protected]
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