Is there a way to resize the html textbox?

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When I use the subtype Html, the textbox gets very small. Is there any way I can change the size of it?

The database field is a nvarchar(500).

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The database field size is the easiest way to affect the size of the Html fields but it does not always work out as expected.

Another option is to use custom CSS. For instructions on where to add the custom CSS see the links below.

The CSS below will remove the height restriction on all Html editors.

.cleditorMain, .cleditorMain iframe {
	height:unset !important;

If removing the height restriction does not work then you can replace the keyword "unset" with a specific height.

To target a specific form you can set a css class name on the table preferences and use that class name in the css. .e.g 'SampleFormClass'.

.SampleFormClass.cleditorMain, .SampleFormClass.cleditorMain iframe {
	height:unset !important;

On dbFront versions after, you can target a specific field by setting a css classname. .e.g. 'SampleFieldClass'

.SampleFieldClass.cleditorMain {
	height:unset !important;
.SampleFieldClassiframe.cleditorMain {
	height:200px !important;

Custom CSS Instructions

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