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Client Data Policy

This Client Data Policy exists to explain our procedures based on the existing Acceptable Use Policy, Privacy Policy, Secure Development Policy and Terms of Service (TOS).

COTS Application

dbFront was created for the specific purpose of allowing clients (You) to easily access and make their own data ("Your Data") available on their own systems to your own users or clients.  Please see the Terms of Service for specific details.

We have no interest in your data and have specifically designed dbFront as a COTS application so that it is locally installed in your environment running under your own security rules.

Under normal circumstances, we should never have any access to your systems or data.


When debugging issues, we will ask clients to send us any data in an obfuscated / anonymized format and limit the dataset to only that required. To that end, we have built specific functionality within dbFront to facilitate the export of obfuscated/anonymized and limited datasets.  Exporting Obfuscated Data.

As part of the Export will receive a selected portion of the underlying data structure.

Custom Development

Some clients specifically ask us to do custom development on their behalf.  In those cases, we may have/need additional access to your systems.

For those situations, we have additional policies that help secure the workstation of those that need access to client data:

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