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License Setup

To check or update the dbFront license you can open the About dialog from the Help menu.

This dialog will show the version information & licensing information for your installed version of dbFront.

The About dialog will contain a Purchase link that includes the Server Id.  This makes the process of purchasing or updating the License straight forward.

Server Licenses

Most licenses are tied directly to the Server Id.  For those licenses, it is only necessary to enter the updated License Id.

Site Licenses

dbFront also supports site licenses.  These licenses are tied to an email address and dbFront version and allow multiple copies of dbFront to be installed using the same License Key.

Site licenses are designed to give clients the ability to migrate dbFront to new servers on an as-needed basis without obtaining a new License Key.  Because of this site licenses shift the responsibility of remaining compliant to the client.  If a client installs 3 copies of dbFront using a site license then they are still required to purchase 3 licenses of dbFront.

To apply for a site license, you will need to also specify the email address associated with the license.

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