Error: Can't get version, The request was aborted: Could not create SSL/TLS secure channel.

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The error message above was found in the LogFile and dbFront failed to notify me of an important update.

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Due to a global configuration change at our ISP, versions of dbFront earlier then are no longer able to notify you if there are important security updates or release notifications.

We have released an update to fix this issue. The updated version is:

We would like to ask all of our users to subscribe for notifications. These will be used for monthly status updates on dbFront or urgent notifications in the event we discover an important security flaw.

If you subscribe then you can avoid the need to update dbFront until you are ready to.

‚ÄčTo subscribe for notifications please go to:

The technical details are as follows. By default Dotnet 4.5 based applications only use SSLv3 and TSL to make their web requests. Both of these protocols were superseded by more secure versions and our ISP decided to remove support for the older protocols without any option to fall back.

We have updated dbFront to use the newer protocols and added fallback measures in the event this or something similar happens again.

‚ÄčThank you very much for your time.

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