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I'd like the ability to remove buttons globally or on individual forms (e.g. I want no user to "Create Copy" or "Quick Import").

The ability to relabel the buttons would also be great. For example, I'd like to have "Save" instead of "Save Changes". This could cut down on the real estate occupied by the buttons.


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Again a great suggestion by Ed. It will allow installations the ability to use their own in-house notations and, as he says cut down on the amount of space used.

If you want to simply remove some buttons from the UI, this is possible through editing the 'Site.css' file, and is something I've already implemented as I did not want my users to be able to create a copy of a record either.
One note of warning.  The Site.css file would be replaced during an upgrade.   I would suggest you add a custom css file to the database.   See:

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NOTE: This question was first asked about Actions Buttons but intended the Standard editing buttons. Action Buttons are already completely configurable including dynamic visibility.

There are two sets of standard buttons.

The standard Editing buttons: Save Changes, Discard Changes, Create New, Create Copy, and Delete Entry have their visibility managed based on the table and row level security. By applying Table or Row Level security it is possible to remove each or all of the buttons.

Editing buttons can't be renamed and individual buttons can't be removed without modifying the security.

The standard Tool buttons: Mass Update, Quick Import, Quick Print, also can't be renamed but they are easily removed via the table properties.

That leaves two issue:

1) Renaming buttons: I might solve this as part of the Multilingual update
2) Hiding buttons: Database or System default on button visibility

NOTE: Please vote on this Feature Request if it interests you and provide comments as needed.

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