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Table Security

dbFront has several options when it comes to managing table and row access.

Database Connection Security

The best and most secure way to manage Table Security is at the database level.  dbFront will respect the permissions of the database connection and only give the users access to the tables they are permitted to see.  In addition, dbFront will query the database for the table access and automatically adjust accordingly.

  • If the connection has no select access, the table will be hidden.
  • If the connection has no delete access, the delete button will be removed.
  • If the connection has no insert access, the "Create New", "Create Copy" buttons will be removed.
  • If the connection has no update access, the "Save" button will be removed.

Database Preferences

Another option to hide specific tables from Non-Administrative users is to set them up as System (Hidden) tables.   Those tables will only be seen by administrative users.

You can set that in the Database Preferences / Manage Tables or by adjusting the Table Type in the first tab in the Table Preferences.

Controlling Access to specific Data Rows

dbFront also allows you to limit the user access to specific Table Rows.  For more details see: Row Level Security

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