Is there any way to hide the Save, Delete, etc.. buttons in dbFront?

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By default dbFront creates four buttons:

  • Save Changes
  • Delete Entry
  • Create New
  • Create Copy

How can you hide those buttons?

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The visibility of those buttons is actually determined by the table & row security.

For more details see: Table Security​​

  • If the connection has no select access, the table will be hidden.
  • If the connection has no delete access, the delete button will be removed.
  • If the connection has no insert access, the "Create New", "Create Copy" buttons will be removed.
  • If the connection has no update access, the "Save" button will be removed.

Another option is to add an expression in the "Row Security" tab such as "0=1​" for the functionality that you want to disable.

For more details on the row security see: Row Security

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