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Finally a dbFront Users group

Finally a dbFront Users group

As I support dbFront, often using Zoom, I have the privilege of seeing some of the cool systems that users have built using dbFront.  Sometimes a support session turns into a mini-demo before we get down to fixing the issue at hand.  I have often thought that it would be great if various dbFront users could learn directly from each other but I have always cringed at the idea of setting up and managing a social network.  The dbFront Q/A was purposely designed to be a Q/A site (much like StackOverFlow) and not a discussion forum.

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With the new year I realized that there were just too many practical benefits to a user group and so after some research selected Linked-In as the location for the group.

The Purpose

At its simplest level, dbFront is fairly easy to understand and implement, but a core part of the functionality comes from the database structure and server.  A properly designed data structure and correctly configured dbFront install can yield some impressive results but that requires a level of experience.

The purpose of this group is to allow dbFront users/admins to share tips, experiences, best practices, challenges, solutions, and generally support each other to build cool stuff.  Some of the discussions that might be covered are:

  • How to inject business rules and processes (Triggers, Stored Functions/Procedures, Views, ...),
  • How to effectively use html/css to improve the end-user experience,
  • How to safely implement the security,
  • How to efficiently integrate with other systems using either dbFront or database functionality.

The answers to these questions can be highly dependent on the needs of a specific system.

Meetings and Training

A hope is that this group could facilitate training via online events.  Possibly via a periodic online meeting.

Help Set Direction

I also plan to poll group members for your opinions on various dbFront feature suggestions and look for general advice on the direction for dbFront.

Not Replacing Support

This group is not intended to replace the existing support avenues such as the Knowledge Base (, the Q&A ( or our other support options (


I intend to take a light touch with moderation but all posts containing links, or from new users will be moderated.  If anyone wants to market their dbFront related services then please talk to me and I will find an appropriate solution.

Why Linked-In?

Linked-In is a well-known, solid, and interconnected business network where the majority of dbFront users already have an account. For most dbFront users it requires a single click to join the group.  It also helps us that there is no extra infrastructure or cost other than the actual admin.

Let's Connect

See you there.

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