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dbFront 1.2.6 Feature Release

dbFront 1.2.6 Feature Release

With the release of dbFront 1.2.6, we now wrap up the 1.2 branch of dbFront.

dbFront 1.2.6 will soon be marked as stable and all new feature development will happen in the latest 1.3 release of dbFront.

Notice: Licenses with Support & Maintenance that have expired for two years will require a full purchase to upgrade

dbFront Version 1.2.6 Features

This release includes thirteen new features and multiple fixes.
New Features:

  • AdvancedSearch: Extended the length of the search field from 50 to 200. Q&A
  • CustomSearch: Ability to set constant values and ranges or NULL.
  • CustomSearch: Added "Custom Search" action buttons. Q&A
  • CustomSearch: Includes support for Prompt Fields and optional Range Fields. Q&A
  • CustomSearch: Includes support for Search SQL Expressions. Q&A
  • CustomSearch: Optionally, Clear, Overwrite or Merge with Advanced Search.
  • CustomSearch: Users can create/edit their own search buttons.
  • Layout: Added "TableOnly" layout. Currently requires disabling insert. Q&A
  • MassUpdate/Delete: Updated to handle search filters based on Filter Buttons.
  • MassUpdate/Delete: Updated to handle search filters based on Related Views.
  • SystemMonitor: Rebuilt IP-based activity monitoring and layout.
  • Table: Added ability to set 'Sticky' table columns that remain on screen. Q&A
  • WebRequest: Added option to call Stored Procedure to process the results. Q&A

Custom Search

One of the most significant features completed in the 1.2.6 release of dbFront is Custom Search Buttons.  Custom Search Buttons allow administrators and users to create single-click filter buttons that are placed just below the tables.  The filtering expressions can optionally include SQL, or prompt for user input.

This allows users to quickly move between different views of the same data which makes for happy users…  Because finding what you need is key to being productive and happy!

To see how to set up and use Custom Search buttons, check out the corresponding blog post: Custom Quick Search Buttons

dbFront 1.3.0

Waiting in the wings is dbFront 1.3.0 which is nearly ready to be a feature release.  More details to follow.  To get a sneak peek see: or download the Beta build from


dbFront has seen active development for more than 10 years and there is no plan to stop anytime soon.  The release history can be found at

Try dbFront for Free

dbFront offers a 30-day free trial so that you can download, install and test it in your environment.  After the trial you can continue to use the FREE version of dbFront for up to 3 users.  Please review the video tutorials and plan to start a free trial today.  We believe you will be impressed.

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