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Release Summary

This Release Summary consolidates the features and fixes under the appropriate Feature or Stable release.  To see every intermediate release see: Release History.

The latest version of dbFront is always available from the download page.

2024-05-09 - dbFront   Version:,   Feature

2 new fixes

  • Caching: Fix issue where a database structure change would triggered excessive cache purging breaking the UI for other active sessions.
  • StoredProcedure: Fixed to return procedure result headings even if empty.

2024-04-17 - dbFront   Version:,   Feature

1 new feature

  • Procedure: The ServerDirected results of OpenTable or OpenUrl can now specify a 'Message' column. See: RunProcedure

6 new fixes

  • ### IMPORTANT FIX ###
    LayoutGroups: Fixed serious issue where field contents in a server hidden group still partially visible to administrators might be deleted on save.

  • Admin: Fixed/Increased the size of the dropzone when arranging fields.
  • Expressions: Fixed issue where some expressions inserted a separating space.
  • Merged: All fixes from dbFront and earlier.
  • StoredProcedure: Gracefully handle the deletion of the current record by a stored procedure.
  • URL: Correctly handle redirects to another record. (Hash Change)

2024-02-28 - dbFront   Version:,   Feature

2 new fixes

  • Core: Compare 'invalid' subtypes without error.
  • Merged: All fixes included in dbFront and earlier.

2024-02-06 - dbFront   Version:,   Feature

3 new fixes

  • Merged: All fixes included in dbFront and earlier.
  • Merged: All fixes included in dbFront and earlier.
  • MySQL: Fixed ability to delete ALL rows.

2023-11-23 - dbFront   Version:,   Feature

13 new features

  • Core: Updated multiple 3rd-Party components.
  • CrystalReports: Added output types: Html, Txt, Xml, Xlsx
  • CrystalReports: Inline images in Html output
  • CrystalReportsHelper: Updated for additional types.
  • Exports: More meaningful Filenames for Reports and Exports. Q&A
  • FileLink: Added read-only support for attachments stored on the file system. Q&A
  • Procedures: Added full support for stored procedures that return multiple results sets. Q&A
  • ReportTemplates: Ability to Copy an existing Report Template.
  • Scrolling: Added ability to scroll through table instead of paging. Q&A
  • Security: Added support for separate User and Group containers and LDAP filters
  • Table: Renamed "Table Fields" to "Table" in config.
  • ZipExport: Export a ZIP package containing the PDF report and all referenced attachments. Q&A
  • ZipExport: Include FileLink attachments in Zip package.

13 new fixes

  • Attachment: Fix "RowHash not set" regression when attempting to upload a file.
  • Attachments: Attempt to enable camera on upload.
  • Caching: Ensure that any structure change clears cached lookups.
  • Caching: Reset internal cached values after settings save.
  • CrystalReports: Fixes to ensure that selected types would download/display correctly.
  • FileLink: Open access to network-accessible files.
  • MassUpdate: Fixed ability to clear Non-Nullable field values.
  • Merged: All fixes included in dbFront and earlier.
  • Merged: All fixes included in dbFront and earlier.
  • Merged: All fixes included in dbFront and earlier.
  • Printing: Correctly handle servers where the Print Spooler is disabled.
  • ReportTemplates: UI fixes to enable easier editing.
  • ZipExport: Ensure that any FileLink attachments are valid.

dbFront   Version: 1.2.6

2024-05-14 - dbFront   Version:,   Stable

1 new fix

  • Caching: Fix issue where a database structure change would triggered excessive cache purging breaking the UI for other active sessions.

2024-02-26 - dbFront   Version:,   Stable

6 new fixes

  • BigInteger: Fixed large integer handling.
  • CSS: Fixed Busy Icon not showing up on Flattened Themes.
  • IE: Fixed IE-11 Logout dialog issue.
  • Lookups: Fixed ability to Export/Import the Lookup Filter.
  • Lookups: ForceServerLookup if either the Lookup Filter or Row Select Security is user-dependent.
  • Time: Fixed errors when handling some time fields.

2023-11-17 - dbFront   Version:,   Stable

6 new fixes

  • ExcelExport: Fixed handling of empty datasets.
  • FileLinks/OpenUrl: Fixed access to network files. [file://\\servername\share\]
  • ReportTemplates: Fixed ability to create blank templates.
  • ReportTemplates: Simplified deleting report templates with errors.
  • RunProcedure: Improved error handling to better reveal the core error message.
  • Sessions: Fixed purging of invalid sessions.

2023-10-10 - dbFront   Version:,   Feature

14 new fixes

  • 1-1: Fixed row count on 1-1 tabs when empty.
  • 1-1: Load 1-1 child rows from bookmarks and deep links. See: DeepLinking
  • Bookmarks: Fix issues loading records from a bookmark.
  • Bookmarks: Handle bookmarks that need extra data for child tables.
  • Caching: Ensure that a structure change clears cached lookups.
  • ChildTables: Fixed join failures when related to a field other than a primary key.
  • ChildTables: Fixes to correctly load child tables.
  • IE11: Improved support.
  • Logging: Corrected resource locking which prevented flushing the logfile.
  • Logging: Log warnings when encountering invalid config.
  • Lookups: Handle data in lookups with nullable/empty unique keys.
  • RowSave: Save empty values as empty strings on non-nullable columns instead of Null.
  • Url: Clean up HASH portion of URL
  • Views: Fixed ability to save a renamed view.

2023-08-23 - dbFront   Version:,   Feature

1 new fix

  • Attachment: Fix "RowHash not set" regression when attempting to upload a file.

2023-06-14 - dbFront   Version:,   Feature

13 new features

  • AdvancedSearch: Extended the length of the search field from 50 to 200. Q&A
  • CustomSearch: Ability to set constant values and ranges or NULL.
  • CustomSearch: Added "Custom Search" action buttons. Q&A
  • CustomSearch: Includes support for Prompt Fields and optional Range Fields. Q&A
  • CustomSearch: Includes support for Search SQL Expressions. Q&A
  • CustomSearch: Optionally, Clear, Overwrite or Merge with Advanced Search.
  • CustomSearch: Users can create/edit their own search buttons.
  • Layout: Added "TableOnly" layout. Currently requires disabling insert. Q&A
  • MassUpdate/Delete: Updated to handle search filters based on Filter Buttons.
  • MassUpdate/Delete: Updated to handle search filters based on Related Views.
  • SystemMonitor: Rebuilt IP based activity monitoring and layout.
  • Table: Added ability to set 'Sticky' table columns that remain on screen. Q&A
  • WebRequest: Added option to call Stored Procedure to process the results. Q&A

48 new fixes

  • Access: Ignore access errors to databases not requested by the current user.
  • AdvancedSearch: Fixed oversized search keywords breaking the layout.
  • Attachments: Automatically handle PDF files migrated from Sharepoint. Q&A
  • Buttons: ButtonAccess(visibility) fixed to be more consistent and logical.
  • Buttons: ButtonAccess(visibility) fixed to enable on readonly records.
  • Buttons: Fixed "Overrides Access" to allow override of row-level security.
  • Buttons: Fixed handling of read-only dialog fields where the form was editable.
  • Buttons: Fixes to handling of non-default read-only fields.
  • Buttons: Improved handling of existing changes when a Action Button is pressed.
  • Buttons: Updates to Config UI for WebRequest with Procedure.
  • Caching: Removed Cache trimming since it was causing more issues.
  • ClientErrors: Log client browser type/version.
  • Config: Fixed XML error loading config from cache.
  • Cookies: Compress and encrypt the Json cookies
  • Core: Fixed ability to overwrite invalid config..
  • Core: Improved Null handling.
  • Core: Reject field/object names that are only numeric.
  • Core: Upgraded to jQuery 3.6.2 from 3.4.1.
  • CustomSearch: Fixed use of Lookup fields as custom search parameters.
  • CustomView: Fixed the issue with the "My Layout" not saving.
  • ExcelExport: Fixed null handling.
  • ExcelExport: Improved automatic type handling, including images.
  • Focus: Fixes to improve the focus shift to the form on row click.
  • Focus: Updated to set the focus to QuickSearch if no active form.
  • FormCache: Fixed handling of new records on refresh.
  • Help: Added help text to "My Layout" button.
  • Help: Trimmed Informational Fields.
  • Home: Added classes to HTML to allow for better styling.
  • Import: Trim input and lookup values.
  • Layout: Added a CSS class and set default styling to mark My Layout. Q&A
  • Licensing: Ensure critical License/Version errors are not hidden for SSO users.
  • Licensing: Fixed handling and reporting of Support Expiry.
  • LogOut: Added a confirmation before logout. Q&A
  • LogViewer: Minor layout fixes.
  • NoPK: Fixed delete/update row security on tables without a PK.
  • NoPK: Optional ability to update duplicate records using RowLimit.
  • OpenUrl: Fixed handling of complex URLs that appeared to include parameters.
  • Report: Extended automatic field rename handling to reports. Q&A
  • SMTP/WebRequest: Support all system available SSL protocols. (e.g. TLS 1.3, +)
  • SQLServer: Fixed handling of new rows when PK is generated type of numeric(x).
  • Table: Any change to the table config now automatically reloads the screen.
  • Table: Updated "No matching row found" to "No single matching row found". Q&A
  • TableOnly: Fixed TableOnly layout for child tables.
  • UI: Fixed FireFox error triggered by the updated jQuery libraries.
  • UI: Fixed issues where Form would revert to a New record after update.
  • UI: Improved Refresh Handling for both the Form and Table.
  • UI: Upgraded to jQueryUI 1.13.2 from 1.12.1.
  • URL: When deep-linking dbFront will use the best connection for the user/database/table.

dbFront   Version: 1.2.4

2022-11-22 - dbFront   Version:,   Stable

7 new features

  • Attachments: Added support for Email (.eml) attachments. Q&A
  • Backups: Ability to view, compare and restore configuration backups.
  • Expressions: Add {%databasekey%} as an expression. Used when creating app URLs.
  • Reporting: Moved Reports into regular config to simplify config export/import.
  • SSH: Automatically reconnect as required + Keepalive.
  • SSH: SSH support for MySQL. Username/Password and/or PrivateKey/Password. Q&A
  • Table: Ability to reset all configuration at the table level.

16 new fixes

  • Backup: Fixed issue restoring backups without reports.
  • Backups: Fixed issue with excess backups.
  • Export: Changed export to split out the database attributes for simpler compare.
  • Help: Fixed issue with Sidebar help failing if there was another error.
  • Home: Fixed config import/export for actions and reports buttons.
  • HtmlEdit: Fixed HTML Edit in Popup dialogs.
  • HtmlEdit: Increased the minimum size of HtmlEdit widgets.
  • Lookups: Fixed issue with MultiSelect fields.
  • Oracle: Updates to help track down/log errors.
  • Profile: Find Profile table even if schema is missing.
  • Reporting: Improved detection of template file changes.
  • Reporting: Improved handling of invalid/missing templates.
  • Reset/Restore: Fixed ability to purge old cached table config.
  • SQLServer: Recognize and warn about DB corruption.
  • URL: Ignore Hidden Databases when doing a lookup by database name.
  • Validation: Skip validation on new records until data is changed.

dbFront   Version: 1.2.2

2022-09-26 - dbFront   Version:,   Stable

15 new fixes

  • Config: Ensure the ForceServerLookup flag is included in Export/Import.
  • Config: Truncate excessively large deserialization error messages
  • Delete: Fixed issue with child record error on primary row delete.
  • Expressions: Trim expressions before use.
  • HomeScreen: Handle invalid config silently.
  • Layout: Apply style fix to database home page.
  • Layout: Fixed issue with hidden fields affecting layout.
  • Profile: Ensure named db schema is loaded before profile access.
  • Profile: Fixed profile creation with Audit fields.
  • Profile: Fixed profile table lookup.
  • Readme: Updated Readme with more Login help.
  • URL: Fixed lookup for invalid databases.
  • URL: Ignore hidden databases when doing a lookup by database name.
  • Views: Fixed handling of field duplicates caused by views.
  • Views: Fixed view queries to eliminate key errors.

2022-07-19 - dbFront   Version:,   Feature

15 new features

  • CrystalReports: Able to return multiple types: csv, doc, pdf, rtf, tsv, xls.
  • CrystalReports: Added the ability to run Crystal Reports. See: CrystalReports
  • CrystalReports: Optionally print Crystal Reports to a Server Printer.
  • Excel: Updated OpenXml.
  • GridEdit: The RowCSS now immediately refreshes with grid data changes.
  • LDAP: Added ability to set LDAP filter for ADFS. Q&A
  • OpenURL: Allow "file://c:\filepath\file.pdf" to resolve to a Local Download. Q&A
  • OpenURL: Local Download limited to specific "safe" file types.
  • OpenURL: Settings configure Allowed Local FilePaths. e.g. c:\filepath\*.pdf
  • Oracle: Updated Oracle.ManagedDataAccess.
  • Settings: Optionally block the ability to export/import data from the Admin database screen. Q&A
  • Table: TableHeaders will float above the data when the page is scrolled down.
  • TableTabs: Child Tabs now show a row count for 1-1 relationships. Q&A
  • TableTabs: Child Tabs now show a row count for 1-M relationships. Q&A
  • Themes: Added a clean/flat version of standard themes by clearing background images.

27 new fixes

  • Button: Fixed expression based (e.g. %username%) button visibility.
  • Cleanup the error messages by stripping duplication.
  • CrystalReports: Additional CrystalReportHelper Param Help.
  • CrystalReports: Deeper logging.
  • CrystalReports: Extended Credential Logging and Help.
  • CrystalReports: Fixed ability to allow user report destination selection.
  • CrystalReports: Warn of invalid extensions.
  • Debug: Extra error detail when rendering table properties.
  • Debug: Include ServerKey in connection dialog.
  • Fixed invalid error when checking RunProcedure arguments.
  • FollowMeHelp: Fix the FollowMeHelp in tables.
  • GridCSS: Fixed issue accessing empty CSS values.
  • HomeScreen: Added FollowMeHelp.
  • Layout: Fixed gear-icon positioning. Q&A
  • Layout: Fixed lookup button sizing.
  • LogViewer: Corrected error classification.
  • LogViewer: Fixed issue of Login Screen not appearing after session expiry.
  • Lookups: Fixed handling of renamed lookup display and sort columns. Q&A
  • MySql: Fixed FullText search when using multiple or non-matching indexes.
  • OpenURL: Ensure local download errors do not reveal the full file path.
  • OpenURL: Fixed write access requirement for download files.
  • ProfileFields: Fixed issues loading correct profile field values in HomeScreen.
  • PromptFields: Fixed issue saving non-passthrough prompt fields.
  • Select: Fixed issues with selecting a required config item.
  • Settings: Fixed handling of empty LdapFilter.
  • Settings: Improved LDAP Filter validation.
  • Templates: Added main title text-shadow to ensure visibility on some templates.

dbFront   Version: 1.2.1

2022-02-04 - dbFront   Version:,   Feature

24 new features

  • CSS/Column: Assign a Field's CSS class to its grid column for column-specific layout. Q&A
  • CSS/Grid: Support multiple pipe | separated, CSS class names. See: Table-Row-Styling
  • GridEditing: Added support for GridEditing on tables with Row Security.
  • HomeScreen: Expand profile expressions in the content HTML.
  • HomeScreen: Improved Default.
  • HomeScreen: List selected action buttons as reports.
  • HomeScreen: List selected action buttons that don't require an active record.
  • HomeScreen: List selected multi-row reports.
  • HomeScreen: List selected tables.
  • HomeScreen: New database home screen with a menu item and customizable title and content.
  • HomeScreen: Now supports {%DatabaseCaption%},{%TableCaption%},{%LogoUri%},{%InspirationalQuote%}
  • HomeScreen: Respect visibility expressions on action buttons.
  • HomeScreen: Sanitize the home screen HTML when saving.
  • Menu: Optionally move the Database menu into the home screen.
  • MyLayout: Add ability to manage Custom Layout access.
  • MyLayout: Allow users to create/edit their own version of a table's layout. Q&A
  • MyLayout: Users can easily switch between the default and custom layouts.
  • OpenURL/WebGet: Added option to load a table field from an external URL. See: WebGet
  • PageFooter: Now supports {%DatabaseCaption%},{%TableCaption%},{%LogoUri%},{%InspirationalQuote%}
  • System: The site warning or error can now be discarded. Still visible in the System Monitor.
  • WebGet: Optionally parse JSON requests using JsonPath. See: WebGet
  • WebGet: Optionally parse XML requests using XPath. See: WebGet
  • WebGet: WebGet is now a firstclass button type. See: WebGet
  • WebRequest: Renamed WebGet to WebRequest.

47 new fixes

  • 1-1: Fixed loading 1-1 rel forms on first table row.
  • 1-1: Fixed reloading 1-1 rel forms after parent save.
  • Advanced: Debug Mode now provides advanced Server/Driver details.
  • Advanced: Moved Server/Driver information below databases + improved layout.
  • CSS/Field: Fixed message returned if invalid characters were entered for the CSS class.
  • Config: Corrected config error messages to provide correct detail.
  • Config: Corrected grid config error message to provide correct error source.
  • Config: Fixed detection of new columns and placement on Forms (AppendToForm).
  • Config: Fixed handling of invalid config that could block dbFront access.
  • Debugging: Improved internal monitoring and logging.
  • Dialogues: Standardize button order on dialogs.
  • Dropdowns: Removed ">None<" option from required lookups.
  • Editing: Fixed editing child records where the FK is not contained in the PK and not visible.
  • Editing: Fixed editing child records where the FK was not contained in the PK and not visible.
  • Expressions: Fixed testing of SQL expressions when the PK can't be compared with "0".
  • GridEditing: Fixed errors when lookup field in grid but not form.
  • Html: Fixed Custom Html formatting.
  • Html: Updated HTML validation on help and template fields.
  • Html: Updated the internal HTML parser/sanitizer/formatter.
  • Import: Fixed ability to apply table views on import.
  • Import: Include SQL for GRANTs with table creation.
  • Import: Skip creation of relationships for missing objects.
  • Layout: Fixed extra space above table when table-beside-detail was collapsed.
  • LayoutGroups: Fixed layout issue where extra-wide Lookup or Multi-Select fields could mess up the layout.
  • LayoutGroups: Fixed support for Multi-Select fields.
  • License: Fixed Prompt for the license if invalid or expired.
  • Lookup: Remove invalid sort fields and warnings from the multi-select config dialog.
  • Menu: Fixed responsive main menu.
  • MultiSelect: Improved warning about non-defaulted required attribute fields.
  • MySQL: Fallback if driver doesn't support .BeginTransaction(IsolationLevel)
  • MySql: Fix to correct or discard invalid relationships.
  • MySql: Fix to correct or discard invalid relationships.
  • MySql: Fixed FullText search when using multiple or non-matching indexes.
  • Numeric: Fixed ability to update a null numeric value.
  • OpenUrl: Fixed ability to open URLs on read-only records.
  • Oracle: Added lock around loading of defaults.
  • PDFForm: Fixed ability to create PDFs on read-only records.
  • SQLServer: Fixed calculated columns detection.
  • Search: Skip searching columns for numeric values that don't fit.
  • SingleSignOn: Update URLs containing "@HASH@" to "#" and redirect to handle URL fragments lost due to SSO redirect.
  • System: Fixed layout issues with the site messages.
  • TableGrid: Added DIV around Table Grid to enable the configured CSS class name.
  • TableGrid: Show a loading dialog if a grid takes longer the 1/2 a second to load, also applies to search.
  • Update: Fixed ability to update rows on tables without a PK and containing a calculate column.
  • WebClient: Better error handling on invalid lookups.
  • WebClient: Improved error handling and logging to server.
  • WebUI: Fixed Heading on Collapsible Groups

dbFront   Version: 1.1.5

2022-07-14 - dbFront   Version:,   Stable

2 new fixes

  • Button: Fixed expression based (e.g. %username%) button visibility.
  • Layout: Fixed Gear, Lookup, Max positioning. Q&A

2022-01-26 - dbFront   Version:,   Stable

10 new fixes

  • 1-1: Fixed loading 1-1 rel forms on first table row.
  • 1-1: Fixed reloading 1-1 rel forms after parent save.
  • Config: Corrected grid config error message to provide correct error source.
  • Config: Fixed handling of invalid config that could block dbFront access.
  • Editing: Fixed editing child records where the FK is not contained in the PK and not visible.
  • GridEditing: Fixed errors when lookup field in grid but not form.
  • Import: Fixed ability to apply table views on import.
  • MySQL: Fallback if driver doesn't support .BeginTransaction(IsolationLevel)
  • MySql: Fix to correct or discard invalid relationships.
  • WebClient: Better error handling on invalid lookups.

2021-11-11 - dbFront   Version:,   Feature

10 new features

  • Decimals: Improved Decimal handling and ability to set Decimal rounding. Q&A
  • Licensing: Alternate License codes to accommodate ComponentSource & FastSpring.
  • Licensing: FREE license limited to 3 users with referrals to add more. See: Referrals
  • Licensing: Removed the Object Limit for FREE licenses.
  • Licensing: Removed the View Limit for FREE licenses.
  • Licensing: Removed the View Limit for PRO licenses.
  • Search: Add admin setting (FullLikeRowLimit) to set max table size for full-like searches. e.g. '%value%'. Q&A
  • Search: Improved composite searches covering both regular and fulltext indexes.
  • Search: Improved handling of quoted keywords.
  • Structure: Prompt for page refresh if structure changes are detected.

11 new fixes

  • BigInteger: Fixed handling of very large integer values (database driver limitation)
  • IE: Fixed IE-11 error when resizing grid and details.
  • Insert: Fixed Insert not finding new record due to a complex key and use of view fields.
  • Licensing: Corrected application of FREE license.
  • Menu: Improved error handling around Menu issues.
  • MySql: Fixed Full-Text search regression.
  • Numeric: Fixed a regression that broke the ability to update a null numeric value.
  • SQL: More concise SQL queries by reusing parameters.
  • Sessions: Fixed a regression that prevented session errors from opening the login dialog.
  • Stability: Improved null handling due to code review.
  • Structure: Fixed regression with some column renames not correctly updating after a structure change.

dbFront   Version: 1.1.4

2021-08-24 - dbFront   Version:,   Feature

15 new features

  • Caching: Ability to disable internal caching for externally updated tables.
  • Fulltext: Added support for Full-Text indexes to dbFront. See: Fulltext-Search
  • Fulltext: Default includes basic Stem searching similar to the LIKE "word%"
  • GridEditing: Optionally allow Grid changes to save immediately to the database. Q&A
  • GridEditing: Optionally mark individual Grid fields as [Default, ReadOnly, or Editable].
  • GridEditing: Use db prefs to mark GridEditing as [Disabled, SaveToCache, or SaveToDatabase].
  • MySQL: Support: "Default", "Boolean", "Natural Language" and "Query Expansion" Full-Text Search.
  • Oracle: Support: "Default" and "Contains" Oracle Text Search.
  • ProfileFields: Use Profile fields in Button or Layout visibility expressions. Q&A
  • Reseller: Support reseller integration.
  • SQL Server: Support: "Default", "Contains" and "FreeText" Full-Text Search.
  • StoredProcedure: Added OpenUrl option to ServerRequest. See: Results
  • StoredProcedure: Updated OpenTable to add Target option [Redirect, NewTab, Dialog].
  • UrlField: Optionally display Url field as Link. Q&A
  • UrlField: Optionally display Url field as inline iFrame or Image. Q&A

33 new fixes

  • Attachment: Ensure Attachments are still visible even if not configured.
  • BarCodeField: Fixed ability to change field layout.
  • Caching: Correctly cache both active and unused Profiles.
  • Caching: Fix excessive database requests for profile when caching disabled.
  • Config: Prevent usage of localhost as the authentication server name.
  • Data: Improved handling of excessively long integer values.
  • DateField: Set FirstDayOfWeek based on System configuration. Q&A
  • DateTime: Improved DateTime recognition.
  • Editing: Require a saved parent record before allowing child edits.
  • Excel: Fixed server formatted numeric columns in Excel exports.
  • Filtering: Fixed filtering logic when both Advanced and Simple search used together.
  • FullText: Correctly Quote and Alias fields.
  • GridEditing: Fix JSON errors on readonly lookup columns.
  • Groups: Fixed so that mixed case search of groups works consistently.
  • Indexes: Error Handling around missing fields.
  • Indexes: Fixed handling of non-unique index names (MySQL and Oracle).
  • Locking: Ensure that all empty queries for SQLServer/MySQL structure are run as "ReadUncommitted" to avoid unnecessary locks. Oracle does not support "ReadUncommitted".
  • Oracle: Fixed Default Oracle-Text Search logic.
  • Oracle: Updated Oracle-Text index detection.
  • Performance: Cache filtered rowcounts for 3 minutes or until change.
  • Performance: Simplify filtered rowcount queries and remove unnecessary joins.
  • QueryCache: Parameterize the paging values to improve QueryCache usage.
  • Reporting: Fixed child column data in both Multiline and SingleRow reports.
  • Reporting: Fixed child field data selection if a Child PK was used.
  • SQL Server: Fix handling of boolean procedure parameters.
  • SQLServer: Correctly display 2019 compatibility mode.
  • SQLServer: Fixed formatting of default FullText Search for prefixes.
  • SQLServer: Use fixed parameter sizes to improve QueryCache usage.
  • UI: CSS fixes to cleanup field selection config UI.
  • UI: Ensure that the field class is also applied to text editors.
  • UI: Fixed About dialog so it correctly links to the ReleaseHistory.
  • Visibility: Ensure that visibility expressions are case insensitive.
  • Visibility: Improved expression error handling.

dbFront   Version: 1.1.2

2021-04-08 - dbFront   Version:,   Feature

9 new features

  • ConfigBackup: Ability to export obfuscated data. Q&A
  • ConfigBackup: Ability to export selected tables. Q&A
  • Header: Add profile fields to the Site Header HTML. e.g. {profile[FieldName]}
  • Help: Set a HelpURL for each table allowing custom external sidebar help.
  • Import: Allow data import from Excel(xlsx) files.
  • LogViewer: Oversized logfiles now truncated to the last 5000 lines.
  • RunProcedure: Optionally create a Export (csv, xlsx) from Stored Procedures.
  • RunProcedure: Optionally print/download a Quick Report from Stored Procedures. Q&A
  • UI: Any configured database logos will appear in the user menu.

15 new fixes

  • ActionButton: Allow Buttons with PassThrough fields on read-only records.
  • MassUpdate: Fixed layout issue.
  • Menu: Tables are now sorted by Caption instead of by name.
  • MimeType: Fixed detection of tiny inputs.
  • Report/Export: Improved handling of Blob objects that are not images.
  • Reporting: Fixed CSV export bug.
  • Reporting: Fixed PrinterName selection on multiple output types.
  • Search: Search performance improvements on large tables
  • Security: Log if users without a SAMAccountName are found.
  • Settings: Ensure that fresh setting are loaded immediately after setting update.
  • Settings: Reset the Profile cache when saving settings.
  • Template: Ignore split template fields in scripts.
  • Themes: Fixed incorrect (CDN) marker on local themes.
  • UI: Faster Reload of Dialog Tabs
  • UI: Fixed Loading dialog.

dbFront   Version: 1.1.1

2021-03-27 - dbFront   Version:,   Stable

1 new fix

  • Reporting: Fixed CSV export bug

2021-03-15 - dbFront   Version:,   Feature

17 new features

  • Export: Include DB native types in export.
  • Import: Attempt to use native types when generating structures.
  • Import: Generate SQL for missing fields.
  • LogViewer: Updated layout. Sort reverse chronological order.
  • Reporting: Enhanced ability to provide sample data for the report template.
  • Core: Update to DotNet 4.7.2
  • GridEdit: The Field focus marker will turn orange instead of blue if the field is editable.
  • Import: Optionally skip database identifiers [caption, description, group, logo, css, template].
  • Monitor: Additional server stats and alerts if appropriate.
  • Reporting: Optionally supply suitable sample data for the Report Templates.
  • Security: Ability to search for users and groups.
  • Security: Can now request a immediate refresh of users, groups and SIDs.
  • Security: Support for very large Active Directories (100,000+ members).
  • Security: The Denied user access setting automatically drops other access.
  • Security: Users and Groups used during configuration are cached for 10 minutes.
  • UI: Force browsers to retrieve custom CSS file updates.
  • Visibility: Enhanced Expression options for Field and Button visibility

60 new fixes

  • Import: Better at reusing original relationship names.
  • Import: Improved relationship matching logic.
  • Import: Optionally strip references to missing views.
  • MySQL: Attempt to reuse Native MySQL types for table creation.
  • Oracle: Attempt to reuse Native Oracle types for table creation.
  • Schema: Improved Schema name handling.
  • Security: Additional help if user list truncated.
  • Security: Fix to get correct group member details.
  • Security: Rebuilt LDAP method to retrieve group members.
  • Security: Updated default AD Timeout to 120 seconds.
  • Session: Gracefully handle browsers that block sessions and cookies.
  • SqlServer: Improved default support.
  • Tables/Views: Gracefully handle tables/views without any valid fields.
  • Browser: Force browser to load latest resource versions.
  • ChildTables: Ensure that hidden join fields are available for insert and update.
  • Config: Detect invalid ServicePort values (80, 443).
  • Config: Fixed handling of deleted fields on view changes.
  • ConfigBackup: Fix handling of empty databases.
  • ConfigBackup: Fixed handling of databases without tables.
  • ConfigBackup: Improved efficiency, reduced memory, and moved to a separate thread.
  • CopyRecord: Carry forward lookup display values when copying records.
  • Databases: Fixed visibility of newly added databases.
  • ExelExport: Fixed ability to access Excel template if other outputs also selected.
  • Export/Import: Fixed ability to transfer M2M rel config between servers.
  • Export: Ensure nulls are exported as nulls.
  • GridEdit: Corrected Boolean handling.
  • GridEdit: Correctly disable lookups on read-only tables.
  • GridEdit: Fixed application of ReadOnly user connection access.
  • GridEdit: Fixed row select when GridEditing disabled.
  • GridEdit: Only allow grid editing of simple lookups with a RowCount <= 2000.
  • GridEditing: Disable GridEditing in IE due to incompatibilities.
  • Guid: Fixed conversion issue passing uniqueidentifiers to stored procedures.
  • IE11: Added polyfill to fix IE 11 support.
  • IE11: Fixed Syntax issue with function declaration ()=>{} to function (){}
  • IE11: More fixes to provide backward compatibility to IE.
  • Import: Ensure the user understands that DDL is minimal and not exacting.
  • Import: Fixed ability to insert into/set AutoIncrement fields.
  • Import: Force updated table row counts to ensure that import displays correct messages.
  • Install: Include core VirusTotal hashes and link.
  • KeyBoard: Ensure that keyboard save (Cntrl S) finds the current form.
  • Logging: Improved and more consistent SQL debug logging including query timings.
  • Lookups: Fixed handling of cached empty server lookups.
  • Lookups: Fixed handling of server lookups that keyed on non-PK fields.
  • Lookups: Fixed issues with using GUIDs as M-M lookup keys.
  • Oracle: Fix to correctly handle function-based indexes.
  • Oracle: Fixed Oracle 19 compatibility.
  • Oracle: Fixed performance while retrieving table structure updates.
  • Readme: Updated to include Release History.
  • Reporting: Fixed issue creating custom fields.
  • SMTP: Recover gracefully if the SMTP password can't be unencrypted.
  • SaveButton: Ensure that the Parent Save button is updated after a child save.
  • Security: Truncate security debug logs to only provide a representative sample.
  • Stability: Configurable internal locking.
  • Stability: Reworked internal locking to improve performance and stability.
  • System: Fixed memory calculation for Monitor.
  • System: Improved AD caching and usage.
  • System: Moved AD validation tests to an alternate thread.
  • UI: Added 'Loading' UI when opening any database or settings dialogue.
  • UI: Fixed Splitter bar edge cases.
  • UI: Fixed arrow position on Advanced Search.

dbFront   Version: 1.1.0

2020-10-28 - dbFront   Version:,   Feature

19 new features

  • Attachments: Add support for the RTF document type.
  • Browser: Now use MomentJS for browser date handling.
  • ExcelExport: Export around formula fields to allow for calculations and charts.
  • ExcelExport: Export to an Excel xslx template. See: ExcelTemplates
  • ExcelExport: Optionally export to a specific sheet and range.
  • GridEditing: Disable grid editing if row or table security prevents updates.
  • GridEditing: Replaced 'selected' column class with 'focus' as used by the grid editing.
  • Keyboard: CNTRL-Enter or SHIFT-CNTRL-S to save and open a new record. See: Keyboard
  • Layout: Added Splitter between Table and Details beside table.
  • Layout: Change default layout to TableBesideDetails.
  • Locking: Enable OnEdit locking. See: RecordLocking
  • Table: Ability to use a table/view column to specify a Row CSS class. See: Table-Row-Styling
  • TableGrid: Grid Editing is now supported for most basic types.
  • TableGrid: Unsaved changes now better reflected in TableGrid.
  • Trial: Removed View limit in Trial version.
  • Widgets: Add TimeZoneEditing to the DateTimePicker.
  • Widgets: Replaced jQueryUI Date and Trent Richardson TimePicker widget.
  • Widgets: Updated libraries (Select2, MomentJS,, +++)

36 new fixes

  • Core: Fixed table.idx & database.idx locking.
  • Dates: Fixed "Invalid Date" errors.
  • Editing: Fixed handing of reverted field changes.
  • Expressions: Improved error messages with invalid expressions concatenation.
  • FIPS: Initial work on FIPS compliance
  • Formatting: Refactor the Field Handling when dealing with formatted data.
  • GridEdit: Fixed Editing speed by removing full table retrieve.
  • GridEdit: Fixed capture of primary record changes.
  • GridEdit: Fixed confusion caused by excess mouse clicks.
  • GridEdit: Fixed prompt to "Save or Discard" on primary records.
  • GridEdit: Improved ability to use keyboard only while editing.
  • GridEdit: Recreate Lookup Cache if expired.
  • GridEdit: Reject invalid cache changes.
  • GridEdit: Retain cell focus after saving a change made via the table grid.
  • GridEditing: Fix 'Invalid Date' after editing.
  • GridEditing: Fixed consistency with Boolean display.
  • GridEditing: Fixes for record locking.
  • GridEditing: Handle editable grid fields not found in form.
  • GridEditing: Handle grid returning fields that should not be editable.
  • Help: Fixed help on Lookup Fields
  • Html: Fixes to HtmlSanitizer to improve cleaning.
  • Logging: Updates to startup logging.
  • Lookup: Fixed use of child field names instead of parent on cascading lookups.
  • Migration: Fixes to facilitate migrating to 1.1.0
  • OnEdit: Fixes to OnEdit record locking.
  • Public: Allow public page to be imbedded in an iFrame from another domain.
  • Public: Fixes so that a public user never sees a login screen.
  • RecordLocking: Fixed regression that caused a tested lock to be cleared.
  • Relationship: Fixed a regression that caused the loss of older configuration.
  • RowSecurity: Fixed 1.1 regression that broke editing of RowSecurity expressions.
  • Security: Change missing AD Forest to a warning.
  • Sessions: Better handling of expired or dropped sessions.
  • Settings: Fixed enabling/disabling alerts.
  • Settings: Improved error handling.
  • SplitterBar: Cleanup errors due to older browsers.
  • TableView: Missing Column Error on table with View and sort.

dbFront   Version: 1.0.15

2021-03-16 - dbFront   Version:,   Stable

1 new fix

  • Reporting: Fixed issue creating custom fields.

2020-12-18 - dbFront   Version:,   Stable

1 new fix

  • Oracle: Fixed bug obtaining Oracle 19 server details.

2020-10-30 - dbFront   Version:,   Stable

3 new fixes

  • Lookup: Fixed use of child field names instead of parent on cascading lookups.
  • Release packages now include VirusTotal hashes and Updated readme
  • TableView: Missing Column Error on table with View and sort.

2020-09-25 - dbFront   Version:,   Feature

6 new fixes

  • Dates: Fixed "Invalid Date" errors.
  • Help: Fixed help on Lookup Fields
  • Html: Fixed the Html sanitizer to improve Html validation.
  • Migration: Fixes to help when migrating to 1.1.0 including support for newer license keys.
  • Public: Fixes so that a public user never sees a login screen.
  • Relationship: Fixed a regression that caused the loss of older configuration.

2020-06-10 - dbFront   Version:,   Feature

4 new features

  • ActionButtons: Allow some ActionButtons without a selected record.
  • Attachments: Set FileNameField with name of uploaded file.
  • FileTypes: Added support for the Visio (vsd, vsdx) file types.
  • SingleSignOn: Save authentication email on profile creation.

21 new fixes

  • Logging: Enhanced logging to help debug startup failures.
  • Logging: Fix cases where an incomplete error stack was logged.
  • Profiles: Correctly handle profile values that are also lookup values.
  • ActionButtons: Fixed ability to click on Buttons with an unchanged blank row present.
  • ActiveDirectory: Fixed AD group performance, especially when debugging.
  • Attachments: Fixed issue uploading attachments with non-unique magic numbers.
  • AzureSSO: Improved email address retrieval from authentication.
  • CanInsert: Correctly clear unset CanInsert security.
  • Changes: Improved change detection.
  • CreateLookup: Fixed lookup generation to use native data types.
  • DeleteRow: Fixed ability to Delete without requiring Update access.
  • Expressions: Fixed handling of missing expression values.
  • FileTypes: Improved FileType detection and usage.
  • Insert: Fixed FormCache error on double create new.
  • Layout: Fixes for grouped field layout.
  • MySql: Use count(KeyFieldName) where possible to improve count() performance.
  • RowSecurity: Update the CanDelete and CanUpdate config UI to require a PK.
  • RunProcedure: Run procedures without require a save of new unchanged records.
  • SSL: Fixed HTTP CDN theme URL.
  • SingleSignOn: Fixed handling of blocked referrer URL on Logout.
  • SingleSignOn: Fixed page session expiry logic while running SSO.

2020-05-04 - dbFront   Version:,   Feature

13 new features

  • ActionButton: Allow RunProcedure action to trigger table open.
  • ActionButton: Don't require row-selection to enable buttons if parameters are expressions.
  • Authentication: Better feedback if invalid usernames/domains are specified.
  • Cascading: Allow cascading lookups against non-lookup fields.
  • Core: Updated to latest jQuery 3.4.1
  • CssFile: Automatically test and correct CSS filenames.
  • LoginDetails: Now always available.
  • LogoFile: Automatically test and correct Logo filenames.
  • M-M: Ability to single select using a M-M relationship to define the valid options.
  • Reporting: Moved printing from WebApp to Service.
  • RunProcedure: Suggest checking for SP access if not found.
  • RunProcedure: Trim procedure name before saving.
  • SQL: To help debug performance issue, SQL logging now includes duration.

17 new fixes

  • AdvancedSearch: Fix weird refresh on filter save/reload.
  • AdvancedSearch: Fixed incorrect empty selections.
  • Cascading: Account for cascading lookups when setting default field order.
  • Expressions: Fixed regression caused by updated field quoting.
  • Formatting: Fixed formatting of base Date datatypes to exclude time information.
  • HTML: Removed invalid closing tags.
  • Lookups: Fixed parent updates failing to reset cascading children.
  • Profile: Ensure static data is available for profile lookup fields.
  • RecordLocking: Improved record hash uniqueness to correct number of records locked.
  • Relationships: Shorten generated relationship names.
  • Reporting: Fixed incorrect printing label.
  • Schema: Allow using duplicate relationship constraint names between schemas.
  • Setup: Extended Group field names to 64 characters.
  • SingleSignOn: Corrected AzureAD group retrieval, also works for the Free AzureAD.
  • SingleSignOn: Fixed application of privileges to SSO users.
  • StaticData: M-M relationship changes now also trigger lookup refreshes.
  • TablePref: Better error message if duplicate relationship hash on save.

dbFront   Version: 1.0.14

2020-03-19 - dbFront   Version:,   Stable

7 new features

  • PenetrationTesting: Changes to facilitate Penetration Testing.
  • SingleSignOn: Ability for an SSO Admin to edit non-SSO connections.
  • SysLog: Ability to set a SysLog Logging Level to reduce SysLog output.
  • Backups: Warn if dbFront configuration files have not been backed up.
  • CommandTimeout: Ability to configure a separate command timeout for each database connection. Q&A
  • Settings: Migrated settings out of web.config, now editable via the settings UI. See: ConfigMigrate
  • Settings: Site and Database logo settings apply to Login, Page Header and Reports.

22 new fixes

  • Dates: Fixed InvalidDate bug with tables that don't contain a key.
  • Email: Allow testing with email address up to 59 characters.
  • FormLayout: Fix Column Layout in Chrome and "New Edge"
  • Logging: Cleanup some unnecessary logging.
  • PenetrationTest: Renamed SessionExpiry cookie to avoid invalid test results.
  • RemberMe: Fixed regression that broke RememberMe
  • SQLServer: Fixed ability to insert into key fields requiring a defined length.
  • Setup: Fixed ability to remotely edit settings if Server Admin and Setup not locked.
  • TableViews: Fixed Tooltips on TableViews.
  • TimeSpan: Fixed handling of native TimeSpan columns.
  • jQuery: Library Update
  • Boolean: Show 'X' in the table for false boolean values.
  • ConfigXML: Better handling of invalid XML config files.
  • FormLayout: Fixed group containers breaking across columns.
  • Layout: Fixed oversized table caption breaking layout.
  • Layout: Fixed truncated content in short fields due to wide characters.
  • Lookups: Fixed prompt on cascading dropdowns.
  • MassUpdate: Fixed handing of dropped fields.
  • SQLServer: Fixed compare issue with depreciated datatype 'NTEXT'.
  • SQLServer: Fixed len() issue with depreciated datatype 'IMAGE'.
  • Settings: Improved error handling when loading service settings.
  • Theme: Fixes to handle an invalid theme.

2020-01-24 - dbFront   Version:,   Feature

8 new fixes

  • Authentication: Require the removal of the "." user domain + Online Help
  • PDFForms: Fixed licensing.
  • Reporting: Fix "required" filter ranges.
  • Reporting: Fix output selection.
  • SMTP: Removed requirement for SMTP login password.
  • SingleSignOn: More specific error messages.
  • SingleSignOn: Show failed SSO authentication attempts + Retry option.
  • UpdateCheck: Corrected failure messages.

2020-01-08 - dbFront   Version:,   Feature

3 new features

  • About: Access version release notes from About screen.
  • Attachments: Configure the fieldname that stores the filename.
  • SQLServer: Improved FileTable support.

5 new fixes

  • Attachments: Enable save button on attachment upload.
  • Attachments: Fixed FileType extension handling issue for unknown types.
  • SQLServer: Use Native Data Type when retrieving inserted key values.
  • SingleSignOn: Updated help.
  • Tooltips: Restore tooltips broken by a regression.

2019-12-20 - dbFront   Version:,   Feature

15 new features

  • Admin: Ability to trigger an email alert to administrators.
  • Admin: Weekly/Daily emailed admin report including stats and status information.
  • Config: Ensure that procedures are valid and accessible at configuration time.
  • Config: Ensure that the database authentication procedure is valid at config time.
  • Email: Ability to configure and test SMTP settings within dbFront.
  • MassUpdates: Improved logging in case audit information is needed.
  • Admin: Monitor screen now includes summary statistics.
  • Dropdowns: Add ability to filter dropdown values.
  • Dropdowns: Lookup items that are filtered but used will be marked as deleted.
  • SingleSignOn: Add ability to set a logout redirect URL.
  • SingleSignOn: Added SAML 2 based SSO functionality.
  • SingleSignOn: Can setup a SSO Group to grant full Admin privileges.
  • SingleSignOn: Can use SSO Groups to manage connection Update / Read access.
  • SingleSignOn: Enabling SSO disables Windows and Database authentication.
  • SingleSignOn: Request full login after logoff. (Not all SSO vendors support)

14 new fixes

  • MySQL: Recognize and alert for missing SELECT permission on [mysql.proc]
  • PasswordFields: Permit changing record contents without having to reenter password fields.
  • Tables: Improve handing when all table columns are renamed or removed.
  • Tables: Recognize when a filter change causes the table page to become invalid.
  • Dropdowns: Fixed ability to set dropdown sort order.
  • Dropdowns: Fixed broken type ahead for dropdowns within dialogs.
  • Layout: Fix issues with CSS classnames being dropped during render.
  • MySQL: Revert SSL mode as it broke existing Non-SSL sites.
  • MySQL: Set Connection SSL-Mode to Required for testing.
  • SQLServer: Pass Null stored procedure params as DBNull.
  • Setting: Fix fields that were not disabled in read-only view.
  • SingleSignOn: Cosmetic fixes.
  • SingleSignOn: Improved logging and help.
  • Table: Fixed invalid "No data on page 1, please select a previous page"

dbFront   Version: 1.0.13

2019-10-21 - dbFront   Version:,   Feature

15 new features

  • Importing: Identify missing keyfields if Update or Import&Update
  • Importing: Identify missing required fields if Import or Import&Update
  • Login: Trim space from around username at login.
  • Reporting: Ability to set template margins in inches.
  • Reporting: Create and supply a default caption for quick reports.
  • Reporting: Include 4 report templates with install.
  • Reporting: Lock PrinterName and PageSize for Single-Click report printing.
  • Reporting: Preload default Papersizes even if no printer drivers available or accessible.
  • Reporting: Print directly to any server attached printer by name.
  • Reporting: Print tab added to settings to manage available printers.
  • Reporting: Report Header and Footer support updated.
  • Reporting: Set orientation and size on all PDF or printed outputs.
  • Reporting: Template Preview at template selection.
  • Reporting: Template Preview in Editor is now 100% accurate.
  • Reporting: Updated HTML rendering engine.

12 new fixes

  • AdvancedSearch: Reverted optimization that broke advanced search.
  • Importing: Correctly identify fields based on caseless name or caption part or whole.
  • Profile: Trap error if both ProfileID and ProfileCaption use the same field.
  • Reporting: Clear Template selection when not need to avoid errors.
  • Reporting: Ensure generated PDFs are only cached if identical.
  • Reporting: Fix Template issue of default values returning after a null is saved.
  • Reporting: Fixed ability to manage Report child field details.
  • Reporting: Fixed duplicate template custom fields handling.
  • Reporting: Fixed missing or invalid templates handling.
  • Reporting: Fixed page size entry at report time.
  • Reporting: Move Template Images to Template folder.
  • Reporting: Quote suggested attachment filename.

dbFront   Version: 1.0.12

2019-11-20 - dbFront   Version:,   Stable

1 new fix

  • Oracle: Pass True/False as 1/0 to avoid boolean conversion issues.

2019-10-31 - dbFront   Version:,   Stable

1 new fix

  • Importing: Continue import even if a forward/reverse lookup can't be created.

2019-10-21 - dbFront   Version:,   Feature

3 new features

  • Importing: Identify missing keyfields if Update or Import&Update
  • Importing: Identify missing required fields if Import or Import&Update
  • Login: Trim space from around username at login.

2 new fixes

  • Importing: Correctly identify fields based on caseless name or caption part or whole.
  • Reporting: Fixed ability to manage Report child field details.

2019-09-26 - dbFront   Version:,   Feature

5 new features

  • MySQL: Tested with new 8.xx connectors
  • QuickImport: Allow for "Import Only", "Update Only", and "Update or Import"
  • QuickImport: Allow lookup handing on text and other field types.
  • QuickImport: Ignore casing on field names.
  • QuickImport: Trim Inputs to improve matching.

2 new fixes

  • CopyRecord: Fixed issue on MySQL where coping a record would clear all lookup fields.
  • QuickImport: Fixed lookup handling.

2019-09-07 - dbFront   Version:,   Feature

2 new features

  • Barcodes: New ability to format fields as barcodes on forms and reports.
  • Import: Imported values on lookup fields can now match on lookup key values or display values.

4 new fixes

  • Nulls: Fix occasional issue with quoting of null values.
  • QuickPrint: Fixed template selection.
  • Visibility: Correctly compare numeric values client side.
  • Visibility: Fixed visibility issues due to missing fields.

dbFront   Version: 1.0.11

2019-08-28 - dbFront   Version:,   Feature

21 new features

  • ActionButtons: Buttons can now prompt users for additional information before processing.
  • AdvancedSearch: Search for both blanks and nulls when looking for empty values.
  • Debug: The debug flags can now be set and cleared from the Settings UI without restarting.
  • DeepLinking: Link directly to any record using the primary key. See: DeepLinking
  • Fields: User help / Tooltips can now be added to all fields.
  • Fields: User help also available for disabled fields.
  • Fields: Visibility can now be controlled by adding fields to Layout Groups.
  • LayoutGroups: Add, remove, and rearrange fields in Layout Group editor.
  • LayoutGroups: Conditional visibility can be Server based or Browser based.
  • LayoutGroups: Create collapsible Layout Groups. Either Start Open or Start Closed.
  • LayoutGroups: Easily reposition Layout Groups relative to existing fields.
  • LayoutGroups: Hidden layout groups are still partially visible for Admins.
  • LayoutGroups: Layout groups now have conditional visibility.
  • MassUpdate: Now treats blanks and nulls as empty for both searches and updates.
  • RecordLocking: Admins can now remove record locks from the System Monitor screen.
  • Settings: Can now manage almost all Service settings including the debugging flags.
  • Tooltips: Tooltips used to expose the full object names when truncated in dialogs.
  • UserHelp: All user help can now be edited in a rich text editor.
  • UserHelp: User Help is now found in the root tab of Tables, Fields and Buttons.
  • Visibility: Added [If In List] and [If Not In List] as comparison options.
  • Visibility: Visibility is now found in the root tab of Groups, Fields and Buttons.

9 new fixes

  • 1-1: Fixed issue configuring preferences on 1-1 rels.
  • ActionButtons: Fixed handling of Refresh events when an action button brings up a dialog.
  • CustomCSS: Fixed changes that caused custom CSS class names to be ignored.
  • IE 11: Fixed access to config options.
  • IE: Fix for Internet Explorer to allow Dialogs to properly overlay iFrame contents.
  • MySQL: Fixed ability to use non-standard ports.
  • MySQL: Fixed high speed rowcount calculation.
  • RowCounts: Correctly update internal rowcounts if the end of table is prematurely hit.
  • Tooltips: Replaced the hover tooltips on fields and select items with a manual click on the help icon.

dbFront   Version: 1.0.10

2019-07-09 - dbFront   Version:,   Stable

1 new fix

  • Oracle: Correctly retrieve string Unique/PK values after insert.

2019-06-15 - dbFront   Version:,   Feature

23 new features

  • Automatically attempts to recover locks on return navigation.
  • Automatically drop locks if a user navigates away or closes a browser tab, See: RecordLocking
  • Automatically purge expired locks.
  • ButtonVisibility: Ability to manage button visibility based on security and data access.
  • ButtonVisibility: Optionally override the data access to trigger locking for ReadOnly users.
  • Buttons: Disable Save & Discard buttons when there is nothing to save.
  • Buttons: Group Action buttons, Report buttons and Advanced Tool buttons separately.
  • CreateCopy: Append " (copy)" or " (copy N)" to Unique text columns instead of clearing.
  • Inserts: Improved ability to manage Inserts with Null Keys values.
  • Locking: Cleanup all Tab/Session locks if the user moves to a new main record, See: RecordLocking
  • Lookups: Extra help and feedback when configuring lookups.
  • Lookups: Improved support for deeper cascading lookups, See: CascadingLookups
  • Lookups: Show relationship detail details in config dialog.
  • MassUpdate: Added a confirmation page to the Edit Wizard.
  • MassUpdate: Advanced Filter is used to select the records to update or delete. See: MassUpdate
  • MassUpdate: Delete or Update multiple records in a single transaction. See: MassUpdate
  • MassUpdate: Now checks for unsaved changes.
  • RecordLocking: "On Enter" record locking is now used by default, See: RecordLocking
  • RecordLocking: Child records automatically locked if parent is locked.
  • RecordLocking: New Record Locking functionality. (On Enter), See: RecordLocking
  • RecordLocking: [Help]/[Monitor] Page lists active record locks with details.
  • RowCount: High speed rowcounts for large tables in Oracle, MySql and SQL Server.
  • SQLServer: Improved support for using a unique index if no PK present.

7 new fixes

  • CreateCopy: Recover unique child fields used for joins to the parent record.
  • DateFormat: Fixed formatting of Readonly fields.
  • Lookups: Fixed cascading lookups pointing to a Unique index instead of PK.
  • Lookups: Fixed multilevel field dependencies.
  • Profile: Ensure that the Profile menu items shows correctly.
  • QuickSearch: Clearing filter will now automatically reload full data set.
  • SQLServer: Fixed support for SQL Server 2000.

dbFront   Version: 1.0.9

2019-05-07 - dbFront   Version:,   Feature

14 new features

  • AdvancedSearch: Ability to save and reload Default Filter to Cookie or Profile.
  • AdvancedSearch: Allow specifying NULL values for the advanced search.
  • CustomButtons: Ensure Refresh Level works correctly for both RunProcedure and OpenURL buttons.
  • CustomButtons: Ensure help text is valid, safe and balanced HTML. Allow formatting.
  • CustomButtons: Set Css Classes that will enable extra styling options.
  • CustomButtons: Set Help Text that displays as a tool-tip.
  • Icons: Replaced the jQuery Icons with jquery-ui-iconfont, for clarity and extra options.
  • Passwords: Warn if the Caps-Lock key is on.
  • Profile: Ability to autocreate Profile Records.
  • Profile: Ability to store settings on the User Profile.
  • Profile: Ability to view the current users profile from the top menu.
  • Profile: Profile errors will block regular users. Admin users are allowed to continue so they can fix the issues.
  • Refresh: Add ActionButton option to refresh the Form from the Database.
  • Settings: Added [SiteFooterHtml] to allow setting a site footer. See: Layout

15 new fixes

  • Attachments: Fixed error after upload rejected due to size.
  • Connections: Hide disabled connections from non-admin users.
  • CustomButtons: Ensure attributes are correctly quoted.
  • Dropdowns: Fixed error when typeahead cancels a resultset to request an update.
  • Dropdowns: Reset/Clear child cascading dropdown if parent changed.
  • Errors: Correctly highlight invalid dropdowns.
  • FormCache: Fixed reloading after a custom update.
  • FormCache: Fixed saving cache with missing attachment data.
  • Menu: Profile Menu layout corrected.
  • PDFForms: Default Field.Flatten to "Assigned" to cover PDF Viewers that can't show form fields.
  • PDFForms: Fixed flattening too many fields.
  • Passwords: Detect browsers without Caps-Lock detection and disable.
  • Profile: Remove invalid fields from Database Profiles settings.
  • Refresh: Cleaned up button refresh options
  • SQL: Automatically replace NULL parameter values with NULL on insert.

dbFront   Version: 1.0.8

2019-03-11 - dbFront   Version:,   Stable

16 new features

  • Culture: Added [CultureName] setting to manage the global culture. See: Culture
  • Culture: Added support for Numbers formats that use a comma as the decimal place holder.
  • Culture: Optionally use a Html input[type='text'] for numbers. See: Layout
  • Culture: Web page culture will automatically follow the Service Culture.
  • Culture: WebSite culture will automatically follow the Service Culture.
  • Insert: Enable use of uniquely indexed single fields to find inserted record.
  • Links: Help indicating that you can Right-Click on links to open in a new Tab or Window.
  • Quotes: Optionally display helpful quotes.
  • Settings: Added [NewDatabaseVisibility] to manage new database visibility. See: DatabaseDefaults
  • Settings: Added [NewFieldVisibility] to manage new field visibility. See: DatabaseDefaults
  • Settings: Added [NewTableType] to manage the default table type. See: DatabaseDefaults
  • Settings: Added [SiteCssFile] to allow loading a site custom css file. See: Layout
  • Settings: Added [SiteHeaderHtml] to allow setting a site header. See: Layout
  • Settings: Added [SiteTheme] to allow setting a default site theme. See: Layout
  • Settings: Expanded Setting dialog to show most available settings. Editing to follow.
  • URL: Allow SchemaName.TableName on url. See: DeepLinking

30 new fixes

  • Advanced Search: Show all fields when expanded.
  • Culture: Correct Min value formatting.
  • Culture: Fixed numeric validation in text fields.
  • Dates: Fixed read-only dates triggering changes.
  • Expressions: Make it easier to insert expression keywords.
  • Field: Added special "Guid" / "uniqueidentifier" handling.
  • Goto: Corrected Goto Button visibility on new records.
  • Guid: Correctly handle Guid fields for compare.
  • Index: Ensure that Unique Fields are recognized.
  • LogViewer: Fixed menu item.
  • Numeric: Fixed MaxValue formatting.
  • Oracle: Correctly quote Output Field on Insert.
  • Oracle: Default numeric fields with undefined precision/scale to Number(16,4)
  • Oracle: Fix problems Deserializing Oracle errors.
  • Oracle: Skip calling Oracle %sequence%.NextVal expressions to avoid gaps.
  • Oracle: Updated ability to retrieve Inserted Sequence, Guid or other values.
  • Page: Fixed page load artifacts.
  • Schema: Fix Index check that was not schema aware.
  • Schema: Fix Relationship check that was not schema aware.
  • SetValue: Fix 'RowHash not set' error saving a value.
  • SqlServer: Correctly quote Output Field on Insert.
  • Table: Cleaner errors when saving table properties.
  • Table: Clearer error messages.
  • Table: Fixed config related 'Object Not Found' errors.
  • Table: Handle sort order issues during table rendering.
  • Table: Reset existing errors when saving table properties.
  • URLParams: Updated URL param encoding.
  • Update: Fix Keyless record update.
  • Views: Better handling of invalid views.
  • Views: Fixed handling mixed case views names on Oracle.

2019-01-19 - dbFront   Version:,   Feature

30 new features

  • AuditFields: Update Audit Fields for MultiSelect changes.
  • AuditFields: Update Audit Fields for child record updates.
  • Cache Changes: Ability to make multiple changes before saving.
  • Cached Inserts: Ability to cache the insert of multiple new child records.
  • Config: Add grouping to select dropdowns.
  • ConfigBackup: Automated Database Config backups on change + cleanup.
  • Connection: Allow users with Setup Access to enable / disable connections.
  • Export/Import: Add explicit schema information.
  • Expressions: Shortcut certain expressions to save on server roundtrips.
  • Fields: More details for 'Autoincrement' fields.
  • FormView: Add Maximize Button to Child Forms. Opens that Table/Row as main.
  • FormView: Replace "goto" buttons with a more compact "Maximize" icon and hover text.
  • Help: Ability to default Sidebar Help to: On, Off or Disable. See: SidebarHelp
  • Network: Ensure that the TCP channel between the client and server is secure.
  • PDF Forms: Support for filling in PDF Forms, optionally flatten fields.
  • PDFForms: Enable basic expressions [%username%, {date()}, {datetime()}]
  • PDFForms: Use database DateFormat for expressions.
  • Relationships: Ignore redundant relationships to self.
  • ReportTemplate: Make UI clearer.
  • Reporting: Selecting Report or PDF templates automatically reloads custom field list.
  • Reset Changes: Ability to reset form changes.
  • SaveButton: Save buttons now include change counts that also reflect child rows.
  • Security: Ensure that CRITICAL notices are visible to all authenticated users.
  • Security: Hide Connection / Database items instead of raising security warnings.
  • Table Security: Ability to disable Insert based on the user or data.
  • Table Tools: Ability to script the creation of a 1-M or M-M Lookup.
  • Transactions: Ability to save parent record and all children in a single transaction.
  • Transactions: Correctly cache and save M-M relationships on child tables.
  • Transactions: Correctly cache and save attachments on child tables.
  • URL: Avoid use of Table name on URL. (Backwards compatible)

24 new fixes

  • Attachment: Ensure attachments are saved on new or copied records correctly.
  • Attachment: Fix "Can't load attachment" errors.
  • Editing: Fixed 'RowHash not set' when creating new records in some specific cases.
  • Editing: Handle "User" reversed changes correctly.
  • Errors: Made Error Logging more extensive.
  • Expressions: Improved Expression Testing.
  • Filters: Enable Filters on M-M and MultiKey relationships.
  • FormFields: Detect if MultiKey lookup fields are out of order.
  • Menu: Reorder the Help menu
  • PDFForms: Correct Button visibility on empty records.
  • PDFForms: Handle Forms with duplicate form fields.
  • Profile: Fixed "Can't check Profile" errors.
  • ReportTemplate: Improved Template Preview.
  • Reporting: Correctly evaluate formatted custom field values.
  • SQL Script: Improved Formatting.
  • Saving: Fixed repeated save notice.
  • Schema: Fix Object Not found when looking for a table name.
  • Schema: Make the Database Preferences schema aware.
  • Schema: Turn of Schema/Owner if MySQL or if not multiple schemas
  • Schema: Various fixes to make dbFront more Schema aware.
  • Startup: Detect invalid Service / UI combinations.
  • Table Rendering: Handle sort order issues during table rendering.
  • Themes: Fix Table Beside Details Display with Dark Background Themes
  • UI: Fixed hiding of all close icons on UI confirmations.

dbFront   Version: 1.0.7

2018-12-10 - dbFront   Version:,   Feature

1 new fix

  • StoredProcedure: Fix Table Results view returning incorrect data.

2018-12-03 - dbFront   Version:,   Feature

1 new feature

  • Network: Ensure that the TCP channel between the client and server is secure.

2 new fixes

  • Attachments: Fixed ability to save attachments.
  • Themes: Fix "Table Beside Details" display with dark background themes

2018-11-03 - dbFront   Version:,   Feature

1 new feature

  • ConfigBackup: Automated Database Config backups on change + cleanup.

3 new fixes

  • DateTime: Fixed error testing Date Fields on ActionButton click.
  • Errors: Made Error Logging more extensive.
  • Profile: Fixed "Can't check Profile" errors.

2018-09-26 - dbFront   Version:,   Feature

17 new features

  • AD: Include Group Type and Scope in logs to help debug AD Security issues.
  • AD: Log Error / Warning if a Distribution group is used instead of a Security Group.
  • CSV Import: Add support for multiline CSV values.
  • CSV Import: Handle importing into child tables. (Requires matching or empty Parent Key)
  • Config: Extend Relationship dialog to show the relationship type details.
  • Core: Ability to detect associate tables.
  • DateTimeOffset: Added support for the SQL Server DateTimeOffset datatype.
  • Many-To-Many: Ability to create and drop M-M relationships via a Multiselect.
  • One-To-One: Display 1-1 relationships as a form in a tab that automatically follows the main record.
  • SQL Server Database Import: Automatically handle identity insert on Database Imports
  • SQL Server: Return the Check Constraint's Description as part of Constraint Failure errors.
  • Save Prompt: Automatically prompt to save when switching to new row. Include child rows.
  • SaveButton: The save button now has a count of the changs to save.
  • SaveButton: You can now trigger a save with the keyboard shortcut CNTRL-S.
  • Search & Reporting: Ability to select multiple options for searching and reporting.
  • Update/Insert: Improved formatting of Update / Insert errors.
  • UsageAgreement: Default to false instead of unchecked to make it easier to notice.

25 new fixes

  • CSV Import: Fixed importing empty values.
  • CSV Import: Fixed importing when last column contains empty values.
  • CSV Import: Identity Insert Fixes.
  • CSV Import: Import Nulls correctly.
  • CacheErrors: Prompt to reload when the cache is dropped by a Refresh.
  • DateTime Widget: DateTime widget to only show the hours/minutes/seconds and TimeZone only if required.
  • Defaults: Don't evaluate/save defaults for read-only fields.
  • Export: Skip M-M pseudo fields on export.
  • Field Sizes: Fixed calculation for Numeric Field sizes.
  • History: Ensure history (back button) is not served from cache.
  • Logging: Log correct SQL Params for errors in multipart updates.
  • Logging: Log correct SQL for errors in multipart updates.
  • Long Integers: Correctly handle 64 Integers.
  • Lookup Captions: Fixed truncation of Lookup display values.
  • Lookup: Fixed 404 error when retrieving Lookup data for complex forms.
  • M-M Widgets: Fixed the saving of field Caption.
  • M-M rels: Fixed "Single Row Expected" error for M-M rels.
  • M-M: Fixed Param error on delete when key value hidden.
  • One-To-One: Fixed the ability to view/edit One To One relationships.
  • Schema Names: Properly quote unsafe schema names, e.g. [top.gun]
  • Select: The arrows on disabled Select widgets now hidden.
  • Table Sort: Correctly sort initial table data if sort columns are not in table.
  • Unknown Types: Mark unsupported field types as TextRaw to avoid issues.
  • Warnings: Hide warnings the user can't do anything about. They will still be in the logs.
  • iFrame: Fixed invalid XSS error when running in iFrame.

dbFront   Version: 1.0.6

2018-11-01 - dbFront   Version:,   Stable

1 new feature

  • ConfigBackup: Automated Database Config backups on change + cleanup.

1 new fix

  • Profile: Fixed "Can't check Profile" errors.

2018-07-04 - dbFront   Version:,   Stable

23 new features

  • AD: Ability to specify AD User Container.
  • AD: More detailed error logging to help debug issues.
  • ActionButtons: RunProcedure buttons can now display procedure results as a Message, HTML Dialog or Table.
  • ActionButtons: Visibility of all buttons can now be controlled dynamically.
  • Boolean: Allow any Integer or Text field to be treated as a boolean.
  • Database: Added an option to Reset all Database settings and reload.
  • Help: Custom Table Help.
  • Help: Sidebar Help.
  • Login: Display Authentication Domain similar to Windows Logon. Disable with "ShowDomainName".
  • MySQL: Added support for the 8.0 MySQL Connectors.
  • Oracle/Number: Better Precision/Scale default for Oracle numbers without Precision/Scale.
  • Reporting: Add Custom Field support to Report Templates e.g. {%CustomField%}
  • Reporting: Allow setting of a Logo File.
  • Reporting: Wrap field values with type information. (To allow formatting via CSS)
  • SQLServer: Include Microsoft.SqlServer.Types for greater type support.
  • Setup: Ability to setup Authentication via UI before Login. Only available on hosting WebServer. Disabled with "SetupLocked".
  • Setup: Ability to test Authentication changes before applying. Immediate detailed feedback.
  • Setup: Lightly Highlight all setup widgets when hovering over any.
  • UI: Allow setup of Redirect to a Table when opening a database.
  • UI: Validate the Logo and Css file type and existence.
  • URL: Added a URL parameter to permit opening a specific table and triggering a search.
  • Update Notice: The Update notice is now hidden from non-admin users.
  • Use Impersonation to save the config settings as a Server Admin.

29 new fixes

  • ActionButton: Fixed visibility logic.
  • CSS: Minor tweaks to improve the UI.
  • Config: Automatic config recovery in the event that only a few elements are invalid.
  • Config: Backup invalid config for debug purposes.
  • Config: Better error messages for missing or invalid views.
  • Config: Sort the contents of Config dropdowns.
  • DatabaseExport: Skip full table scan if no data is exported.
  • Databases: Cleaner messages when a database is off-line.
  • Dialogs: Set a more reasonable minimum width.
  • Export/Import: Better UI defaults.
  • Export/Import: Don't export View Fields.
  • Help: More relevant in app help links.
  • Help: Updated Help Links.
  • Help: Updated all Help URLs to HTTPS to avoid mixed security errors.
  • Joins: Better error handling if Joins are invalid.
  • Login: Fix "Can't get SID" errors on reload.
  • Lookup: Force refresh of static data with new dbFront version.
  • Lookups: Fixed lookup creation with complex sorts.
  • Menu: Renamed 'Simple View' to 'User View'.
  • MySQL: Fixed support for Boolean types.
  • Oracle: Corrected Relationship handing on MultiKey relationships.
  • QuickExport: Fixed Excel file type error.
  • Refresh: Triggering a refresh will also purge the cache.
  • SQLServer: Fixed length error with GUID columns.
  • Security: Hide Connection buttons (Access, Refresh) if security does not allow access.
  • UI: Minor UI Fixes.
  • UI: Minor cleanup tweaks.
  • URL: Fixed d=%database% url parameter.
  • Validation: Fix issue with a corrected select blocking a save.

dbFront   Version: 1.0.5

2018-04-25 - dbFront   Version:,   Stable

1 new feature

  • Export: Export extra flags (nullable, autoincrement).

3 new fixes

  • Connection: Correct initial connection creation bug.
  • MySQL: Fixed ability to recognize Auto Increment fields.
  • Version: Updated to use latest protocols for version check + smart fallback.

2018-03-29 - dbFront   Version:,   Stable

10 new fixes

  • DatabasePrefsUI: Fix "An item with the same key has already been added" error due to invalid config.
  • Defaults: Fixed errors retrieving some default defaults.
  • Import: Fixed import error where relationships were missing.
  • Main: Fixed incomplete structure loads which could prevent application load.
  • Numbers: Fixed ability to enter negative numeric values.
  • Oracle: Fixed "ORA-01008: not all variables bound", Default to name based binding.
  • RememberMe: Default to false instead of unknown.
  • RowSecurity: Hide child rows when a main row becomes hidden due to row security.
  • Security: Fix 'Can't get SID' errors on service reload.
  • TableUI: Better handling of data errors at client side.

2018-03-11 - dbFront   Version:,   Stable

9 new features

  • CheckBox: Larger via CSS.
  • CheckBox: Tri-State (Yes / No / Null) check boxes. Note: Oracle does not understand the concept of a Null Boolean.
  • Config: Alert user when field is required on the database.
  • Default: Updated default handling to pre-evaluate constant expressions.
  • Defaults: Evaluate and display database defaults on new records.
  • Filtering: Allow Numeric and Date ranges. If only the second value is specified then Nulls are permitted. If the second date excludes a time portion then it will be treated as End of Day.
  • Licensing: Added support for site licenses based on an Email address and dbFront version.
  • Reporting: Add options: %ReportParameterRows%, %ReportDate%, %ReportTime%
  • Reporting: Add selected parameters to report header.

8 new fixes

  • Layout: Ensure Titles and other elements are encoded.
  • ObjectNames: Improved handling of unusual [schema, table, view or column] names. Skip objects that use text or schema quote characters as part of their name.
  • Reporting: Fixed error with missing where conditions.
  • Reports: Better handling of invalid user options.
  • RowSecurity: Fixed missing SQL security parameters on related tables.
  • SQL Server: Fixed invalid SQL when doing a Table Sort on Sorted Lookups.
  • Security: Extra logging to help identify authentication source.
  • Themes: Fixed us of old jQueryUI style sheet link.

dbFront   Version: 1.0.4

2018-02-23 - dbFront   Version:,   Stable

2 new fixes

  • RowSecurity: Fixed missing SQL security parameters on related tables.
  • Themes: Fixed use of old jQueryUI style sheet link.

2018-02-20 - dbFront   Version:,   Stable

9 new features

  • CSV Import: Improved validation for CSV imports.
  • Expression Editor: Easily add properly formatted fields by clicking on a list.
  • MySQL Connector: Now support all 6.xx.xx versions
  • Quick Import: Added the ability to import CVS formatted data directly to a table.
  • Relationships: Added ability to Rename, Reorder or Hide relationships.
  • Reports: Improved handling for dropped fields in reports.
  • Table Views: Added config support for selecting a View for a Table.
  • Upload Config: Extra Webserver checks when setting up Max upload sizes.
  • Views: Ability to join views to tables. Added fields can be used anywhere.

20 new fixes

  • Admin UI: Fixes to selection lists for extra long items.
  • CSV Export: Corrected CSV quoting.
  • DateFormats: Fixed US dates to use slashes instead of dashes.
  • Editing: Fixed so that Action buttons don't trigger a save on new untouched rows.
  • Exporting: Improved Config transfer when moving data.
  • Group Security: Improved Error messages.
  • Logging: Improved Error messages.
  • MySQL: Fixed View Retrieval on MYSQL.
  • QuickImport: Corrected handling of Byte Order Marker.
  • Session: Cleaner Session Failed handling.
  • UI: Minor UI style fixes.
  • UI: Small fixes to Field Layout.
  • Upload Config: Fixed incorrect config size checks.
  • Upload: Fixed Upload UI for non-image attachment types.
  • UserList: Better handling of overly large user lists.
  • Value Formatting: Improved Formatting support.
  • Views: Adding views no longer corrupts other config.
  • Views: Catch more instances of View Fields in use before dropping.
  • Web.Config: Fixed error that prevented load.
  • WebUI: Better feedback when reloading.

dbFront   Version: 1.0.3

2018-01-10 - dbFront   Version:,   Stable

64 new features

  • Added more links to context specific help.
  • Allows managing active databases from Access Preferences.
  • Attachments: Improved attachment support (detection and uploading).
  • Config: Debug flags can now be updated without restarting the Service
  • Config: New option "MaxDatabasesPerConnection" defaults to 64
  • Connection: Added ability to temporarily Disable/Reenable.
  • DatabaseList: Increased the Default Max Databases per connection to 64
  • DatabaseList: Sort when retrieving to ensure consistent results
  • Date Handling: Better handling of user entered dates
  • DateFormats: Added MM/DD/YY and MM/DD/YYYY
  • Dropdowns: Dropdowns with more then 2000 rows will now be handled via AJAX.
  • Dropdowns: Dropdowns with more then 2000 rows will now be handled via AJAX.
  • Dropdowns: Updated to support more then a million records.
  • Dropdowns: Updated to support more then a million records.
  • Feedback: Disabled when non-default HelpURL.
  • Free License: Easier access to Free License.
  • Indexes: Improved index use when joining to related data.
  • Indexes: Show warnings when updating table or lookup field preferences if the supporting indexes are missing.
  • Install: Generates IIS Install Script for Self Install of IIS.
  • Layout: Ability to select default row count for table
  • Layout: Much better support for small screens and rotation
  • Layout: New "Table Beside Detail" layout, great for wide displays
  • Layout: The Top Menu order can now be adjusted by the Table Order when managing the tables
  • Layout: The menu will now collapse the main menu items on small screens
  • License: Ability to update license on About screen.
  • License: Ability to update license on About screen.
  • License: Extra License details on About screen.
  • License: Extra License details on About screen.
  • LogViewer: Integrated Log Viewer to simplify debugging.
  • Logging: Log Client Errors
  • Login: Add ability to disable "RememberMe".
  • Login: Add optional "Notice" above UserName.
  • Memory: Actively purge memory after large requests.
  • Memory: Actively purge memory after large requests.
  • Memory: Faster and more efficient Server to Client communication.
  • Memory: Faster and more efficient Server to Client communication.
  • Memory: Faster and more efficient Server to Server communication.
  • Memory: Faster and more efficient Server to Server communication.
  • Mobile: Updates to Menu, Form Layout and Field Layout for Small Screens.
  • Mobile: Updates to improve Touch based navigation.
  • Oracle: Respect Table Permissions
  • Readme: Updated with extra trouble shooting instructions.
  • Reporting: Ability to create million row reports and exports with minimal memory usage.
  • Reporting: Ability to create million row reports and exports with minimal memory usage.
  • Reporting: If PDF creation fails then automatically return QuickView.
  • Reporting: If PDF creation fails then automatically return QuickView.
  • Reporting: PDF Library Update
  • Reporting: Progress Meter and Details when Printing or Exporting.
  • Reporting: Progress Meter and Details when Printing or Exporting.
  • Rowcount: Return True rowcount where possible.
  • Rowcount: Return true rowcount where possible.
  • Rowcounts: Use real rowcounts where safe
  • SQLServer: Report SQL Compatibility
  • Security: Ability to select connection specific AD security groups for Update and Readonly access.
  • Security: Ability to select connection specific AD security groups for Update and Readonly access.
  • Security: Deny access to specific users.
  • Security: NonAdmin users that don't have any connection access will be rejected at login.
  • Security: NonAdmin users with no connection access will be rejected at login.
  • Security: Permit explicitly rejecting specific users.
  • Security: Separate Admin accounts vs Promoted Admin accounts.
    See: ConnectionAccess
  • StaticData: Reduced inpage cached data
  • SupportUrl: Now Optional (Disabled by Default).
  • SysLog: Added support for a SysLog Server.
  • Warnings: Add a "Missing Primary Key" warning when editing table preferences if no PK.

78 new fixes

  • AZURE: HAS_DBACCESS() won't return correctly unless called within that databases context.
  • ActionButtons: Allow actions when no record is selected.
  • ActionButtons: Updates so that buttons can use hidden fields
  • Advanced: Reload correct tab on refresh.
  • Browser Cookies: Ensure cookies correctly written.
  • Browser Memory: Properly cleanup after closing dialogs.
  • Cache: Ensure that cache key is unique between connections even if all db attributes are identical.
  • Config: Fixed some settings that required a restart to apply.
  • Config: Setting the Debug flag no longer requires a restart.
  • Copy Record: Clear fields that must be unique to avoid duplicate error on insert
  • Data: Fixed occasional incorrect rowcount and missing top row.
  • DataTable: Removed "ALL" option (unsafe on large datasets)
  • Database Admin: Hide inaccessable SQL Server databases for the connection user.
  • Database Admin: Hide inaccessable SQL Server databases for the connection user.
  • DatabaseList: Improved Error reporting.
  • DatabaseList: Refreshed status with each load.
  • Dropdown Fields: Fixed Dropdown fields based on a Multicolumn Relationship
  • Dropdown Fields: Refresh dropdown lists if the supporting data has changed
  • Dropdown: Update to Select2 4.04
  • Dropdown: Update to Select2 4.04
  • Duplicate Groups: Ignore duplicate AD group names instead of erroring. Duplicates are logged.
  • Editing: Editing with some or all PK fields hidden.
  • Export/Import: Include the Relationship Sort Order
  • Field Admin: Properly refresh the UI when making field changes.
  • Field Admin: Properly refresh the UI when making field changes.
  • GoTo Record: Moving to another Table/Record now loads all child records as well
  • Goto Button: Fixed to cover Non-PK relationships.
  • HTML Fields: Fixed HTML fields that load up in a hidden tab
  • Import/Export: Various fixes to improve compatibility.
  • Insert/Update: Skip Calculated and similar columns when inserting/updating
  • Install: Ensure that 4.5 is required when possible.
  • Keyring Error: Automatically prompt with 'Reload' instead of 'Ok'
  • Large Userlist: If the userlist is > 5000 then require management by group.
  • Layout: Fixes to responsive calculations
  • Layout: Update the Advanced Database window for small screens.
  • LoadTesting: Stub
  • Logging: Improved Logging on insert/update failures.
  • Logging: Properly flag Debug rows for SysLog.
  • MS Edge: Layout fixes.
  • MS Edge: Layout fixes.
  • Memory Use: Regular garbage collection.
  • Menu: Fixes for large menus on Ultra Displays
  • Menus: The Advanced and Simple database menus are now sorted alphabetically.
  • Minimum IE: Moved from IE 9 to IE 10 minimum
  • Null DataType: A null datatype will no longer block usage.
  • Null DataType: A null datatype will no longer block usage.
  • Numeric Formatting: Fixed Decimal formatting.
  • Numeric Formatting: Fixed Decimal formatting.
  • Oracle: Correct invalid Scale and Precision Defaults
  • Oracle: Fixed duplicate index error while inserting.
  • Oracle: Fixed issues getting key fields.
  • Oracle: Fixed issues with Parameterized Queries.
  • Oracle: Fixed rowcount retrieval.
  • Oracle: Off by one error when paging resulted in hidden records.
  • Port: Change default Port from 8080 to 42057 for new installs.
  • Profile: Fixed loading errors when dbFront is restarted.
  • Public: Fixed redirect to Default
  • RegEx: Fixed evaluation issues
  • RegEx: Now works properly with Null fields
  • Relationships: MSSQL: Retrieve the keys in the correct order.
  • Reporting: Fixed error reporting on empty table.
  • RichText Editor: Minor layout fixes.
  • RichText Editor: Minor layout fixes.
  • Rowcounts: Update as adding/deleting
  • SQLServer: Catch Invalid Servername
  • Server Info: Fixed duplicating server info.
  • ServerKey: Update to be unique across cloned VMs
  • Session Count: Updated logic so the session count is more accurate.
  • Session Timeout: Updated Blink Pattern
  • Speed: Reduced chatter between WebApp and Service
  • Stability: Improved error handling so that minor errors don't cause major issues
  • Upgrade Issues: Ensure that browser clients load fresh versions of updated files.
  • Upload Dialog: Hide DragN'Drop if no image attachment types selected.
  • UserAccess: Better Error Handling
  • UserAccess: Profile Validation / Autocorrect
  • Validation: Errors on fields with hidden caption will appear correctly
  • Validation: Highlights the new Dropdown fields on error
  • XHTML: Fixes to rendered HTML.

3 new security updates

  • Groups: Fixed incorrect Group SID which expanded access to all group users.
  • MyAdmin: Block MyAdmin users from viewing other users connection details.
  • MyAdmin: Block MyAdmin users from viewing other users connection details.

dbFront   Version: 1.0.2

2017-02-21 - dbFront   Version:,   Stable

3 new features

  • Extra System usage metrics for Admin Users.
  • Installer: Now provides access to the Logfile if the install fails
  • Now use Select2 to make large dropdowns searchable.

15 new fixes

  • Added KeepAlive logic to fix session expiry issues.
  • Better error handling bookmarks are invalid.
  • Better error handling when a database is offline.
  • Ensure correct key fields used when PK fields not together.
  • Ensure that PK fields are always required.
  • Fix Date Handling/Formatting in IE
  • Fix usage of Default Access.
  • Fixed handling of non-null blank fields.
  • Fixes to improve handling of tables without keys.
  • Installer: Fixed ability to create website
  • Menu: Minor menu cleanup
  • Security: Fixed ability to assign ReadOnly to specific users when the default security is Update
  • Sort users optional list.
  • Trim logging of security data.
  • Updates no longer risk overwriting an older web.config

2016-11-19 - dbFront   Version:,   Stable

98 new features

  • Ability to Create and Modify HTML Report Templates
  • Ability to Export and Import databases between different database servers and versions.
  • Ability to Hide "Quick Print" from non Admin users.
  • Ability to run HTML Reports.
  • ActionButtons: Allow %username% as a special parameter.
  • Add "Column Count" on Table and Layout Group, this replaces the dynamic calculation
  • Add "Column Space" on Table and Layout Group to allow dbFront to dynamically drop the number of columns if space is not available.
  • Add "Css Class" on Table, Field and Layout Group
  • Add "Hide If Null and Readonly" on Fields
  • Add "Label Position" on DB, Table and Field
  • Add "Layout Group" on Field
  • Add "Remove" button to Layout Group and Custom Button
  • Add Support for Azure version of SQL Server.
  • Add ability to dynamically use different database DLL versions. (NF)
  • Add ability to include a Database specific class
  • Add ability to trigger Debug level logging.
  • Add drag and drop for images from other webpages directly
  • Added About Dialog under Help menu with ability to update License.
  • Added Filtering / Advanced Search
  • Added Temporary Link to Template Editor under Help menu. (Move to Reports menu later)
  • Added a Feedback Icon
  • Added ability to Setup Database Authentication
  • Added ability to preview report templates in the editor.
  • Added ability to set Login Context Type (Domain, Machine) in dbFrontService.config
  • Added instructions to the Connection Access Dialog
  • Added more help links.
  • Added the Connection caption to the Connection Access Dialog
  • Added the ability to delete Report Templates
  • Advanced Search: Allow partial matches and wildcards "%"
  • Again rework the authentication to deal with Windows 10 issues.
  • Allow Html File Type
  • Authentication: Adding Database Authentication
  • Authentication: Config UI
  • Authentication: Enabling Database Authentication triggers a "Directory" select on the Login.
  • Authentication: Reworked the database security in the Database Window as Profiles. ( If a profile table is configured then users must exist and match)
  • Authentication: Simplified Access Logic. Either Admin, Update, Readonly or Default...
  • Authentication: User Access is now determined by UserName/Directory
  • Authentication: Validation Function
  • Automatic Cache cleanup: Automatically purge cache files after 7 days.
  • Beginings of Printing
  • Better handling for Log Running Processes (e.g. Export/Import)
  • Better in-app config help for authentication and database preferences.
  • Better support For Database Table Permissions (Select, Insert, Update, Delete).
  • Changed URL to online help
  • Changed [No Group] to "Select Database..."
  • Changed the Help Link to a Dropdown with a help link and a Bug Report Link
  • Cleanup Advanced Database Window
  • Cleanup HTML fields for viewing as records.
  • Connections: Add ability to temporarily enable/disable connections.
  • Database Export/Import: now optionally export/imports data.
  • Database Export/Import: now transfers dbFront config.
  • Default a list of Filter fields
  • Export/Import, Create scripts for missing structure
  • Exporting: UI changes to allow for Excel and CVS export
  • Field Formatting: Allow format strings to be specified. (Currently only applies to Numeric and Date fields on Reports/Exports)
  • Field: Added ability to set expressions for Audit Fields
  • Hide Database Name in URL. Now use (k=DatabaseKey), can still use d=Databasename if desired.
  • Increased size of ReportTemplate body and style to 10k
  • Installer: Now checks for missing IIS features
  • License: Updated to show Open Source Content
  • Login: Add "Remember Me" to login page.
  • Lookups: Added ability to set an alternative Sort Order for Lookups
  • Made the Multiselect Widget Taller (CSS)
  • Mark public connections in Admin View
  • MySQL: Updated Base Supported Connector Version to 6.7.9
  • MySQL: now support connector version v6.6 to v6.9.9
  • Now Requires Dotnet 4.5.2
  • OpenUrl Button: Optionally allow button use without triggering validation.
  • Quick Reports: Ability to filter results.
  • Quick Reports: Ability to report/export a single item (e.g Invoice or Recipe) or a listing (e.g. Product Listing, Directory)
  • Quick Reports: Can now export the data in CSV format (excel to follow)
  • ReadOnly Expressions
  • Rearranged the Connection Access Dialog
  • Rearranged the Table Preferences
  • Record Bookmarks now avaible for public and internal users.
  • Remove Database Window for Non-Admin users with only one database.
  • Renamed the Readonly Expression to Updateable Expression
  • Report/Export: Open Reports in a Separate Tab
  • Report/Export: Optionally Require user Filter Fields
  • Report/Export: Sorting Direction
  • Reporting: Properly expand lookup fields.
  • Reporting: UI changes to allow for multirow reports
  • Reports and Database menu now remember current tab
  • Rework Authentication for Public Authentication
  • Reworked Authentication to allow for a Public View.
  • Row Security: Add ability to calculate a Row Level Delete permission.
  • Save Database and Table hashes for quick lookup after restart.
  • Saved Reports/Exports: Allow user filters.
  • Saved Reports/Exports: Allow users to select output format at runtime.
  • Security: Simplify Update/Readonly User Management
  • Separate Public and Private Session Expiries
  • Store Server Salt, in-case the system signature changes.
  • Table: Added the option to view 1 or 5 rows. (5 is now the default)
  • TableView: Set Default Sort Order
  • Updated Themes
  • Updates to deal with a single user switching between Public and Authenticated pages.
  • Upload attachment sizes are validated against server and db maximums

92 new fixes

  • + Can't support "Instead of Insert" triggers because they prevent capture of the new identity value.
  • + Only "After Insert" triggers supported if the table has an identity column.
  • Add css classes to specific elements to aid in styling
  • Added Invalid Profile detection
  • Advanced Search: Fixed Read-Only user searching.
  • Advanced Search: Fixed field layout.
  • Advanced Search: Now uses correct Date type (Date, DateTime, Time)
  • Allow File types with mixed case.
  • Allow multiple databases with the same name across servers/connections.
  • Attachment Upload: Added validation to Drag/Drop from website.
  • Better Logging for Authentication Issues
  • Catch Windows Active Directory bug. See: ADFileNotFoundError
  • Connections with excessive generate a warning and only the first 32 are shown.
  • Delay the Session Expiry Warning by 5 minutes
  • Detect Service / UI version mismatch and log
  • Detect windows AD config error
  • Don't show the Javascript alert so much..
  • Fix Browser Popup Issues
  • Fix Quick Report button security. Only allow admin to Create/Save/Delete reports.
  • Fix SQL Syntax issues caused when using Reserved Words as field names. e.g. 'Delete'
  • Fix Session Expiry disconnect between Service and IIS
  • Fix Table Lookup for Public users after Restart or session loss.
  • Fix ability to correct connection password.
  • Fix caching old static data.
  • Fix errors around resolving DLLs
  • Fix issues getting Active Directory configuration.
  • Fix overly zealous caching of old core.js
  • Fix performance issue accessing Windows user list
  • Fix to Admin Menu access.
  • Fix: Can't add security to a user with a space in name.
  • Fix: Clearly mark deleted users.
  • Fix: Lookup Sort order is properly reloaded.
  • Fixed AD Membership detection (Win8/10)
  • Fixed AD authentication broken in 1.01.6429
  • Fixed Database Export/Import creating duplicate object names in for relationships.
  • Fixed Default Report for IE
  • Fixed Ghost Domain when machine added and then removed from domain.
  • Fixed Goto Record
  • Fixed Logging LF
  • Fixed MsSql boolean handling
  • Fixed MySql security query.
  • Fixed Settings display on Group Controls
  • Fixed Tab Session separation
  • Fixed Tab Specific Context
  • Fixed ability to create new templates
  • Fixed ability to manage tables.
  • Fixed error when selecting empty row
  • Fixed invalid Default Button behaviour
  • Fixed many cases where dialog contents were to large for dialog
  • Fixed number formatting in table and reports
  • Fixed occasional empty database list.
  • Fixed random locking errors when updating database lookup table.
  • Fixed security hiding MSSQL tables that should be visible.
  • Fixed sorting for image columns.
  • Fixes around Read-only Records
  • Form Fields: Handle and cleanup duplicate fields.
  • Form View: Fixed reappearing fields (after they were removed)
  • Form: Treat ColumnSpace as Min-Width.
  • Goto: Fixed issues jumping to unselected lookup entry.
  • IE: Force IE to use Edge mode even in corporate environments.
  • Ignore attempts to update RowVersion Fields
  • Import: Better feedback when importing data and applying database settings.
  • Improve System Database detection
  • Improve dbFrontService response to config updates to avoid restarts.
  • Improve session recovery for public users.
  • Improved driver support
  • Keyless Tables: Improved help when dealing with Keyless tables.
  • Logging: Ensure logging issues can't prevent service start.
  • MimeType corrections
  • Minor fixes to default Report Template
  • MsSQL Import: Fixed Field creation instructions.
  • MsSQL-2000: Repaired MS SQL 2000 support.
  • Only Admin users can upload attachments.
  • PDF Generation: Improved Error handling on failure.
  • Performance: Update and Delete expressions only called on Form Load.
  • Persist Database & Table Index to disk to avoid unnessecary DB scans
  • Remove Border around Buttons
  • Removed request for VIEW ANY DEFINITION for MSSQL.
  • SQL Server: Fixed ability to insert into table with Trigger.
  • SQL Server: Warn of possible Trigger Error. Table Triggers must include [set nocount on;] to avoid messing with the returned rowcount.
  • SQLServer: Fixed incorrect display length.
  • Saving a Template now keeps current Template in focus.
  • Security: Warning if 'Windows Authorization Access' is missing on service account.
  • Session Expiry Warning (Continue / Logout)
  • SetValue Button: Fix expression validation.
  • Significant improvements to AD integration.
  • Sorting: Fixed child table default sorting.
  • Table: Fixed alignment of columns and headings on hidden tables.
  • Ticket #299778, Ensure PK is available even if hidden
  • Used Cookie to get try and figure out current tab.
  • User Session: Fixed error purging old sessions.
  • Various CSS fixes.

1 new security update

  • SQL Injection: Improved handling of user input to eliminate a SQL injection vector.

dbFront   Version: 1.0.1

2015-08-08 - dbFront   Version:,   Stable

6 new features

  • Javascript typeCheck
  • Rebuild Expression Engine
  • Table view now shows if blob fields contain a value
  • Update to DataTables.1.10
  • Update to jQuery 1.11.3
  • Update to jQueryUI 1.11.4

5 new fixes

  • Fixed PK-FK case missmatch issues (MySql)
  • Minor Fixes
  • Pointer over images
  • System Test fixes
  • ThemeSwitch Refresh

2015-07-07 - dbFront   Version:,   Stable

4 new features

  • Add the ability to 'Goto' the selected lookup value
  • InnoSetup Install YAY!!
  • Numberous updates to make installing easier.
  • Working on Custom Buttons

3 new fixes

  • Fixed Date Handling
  • Fixing SetValueAction visibility
  • MSSQL: Fixed image deletion
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