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Searching and Filtering

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This is a quick tutorial showing how easy it is to find your data in dbFront.  You can go to the Editing Overview knowledge base article to get more detailed instructions.


Finding data in dbFront is very straight forward because every table has a search box at the top left corner.  Just type the values or keywords you are looking for and dbFront will find it.  The values or keywords should be separated by spaces and can be entered in any order.

In this first example we are looking for a manager named Peter.  So I enter "manager peter".  As soon as I start typing, dbFront will start filtering down the rows.

The employee table that we were looking at was small enough that dbFront could load it into memory and do the filtering as I typed each character.  This makes the process of finding specific records very fast and intuitive.

If the table we are looking at happens to be too large to load into memory, dbFront will not respond until I hit the enter key in the search text box.  At this point dbFront will send the request to the server and return the filtered results.  This is done to avoid overloading the servers.

As an example of searching within a larger table we are now going to look for a customer named "Carol Torres".  

I open the customer table and type "Carol" and hit enter, which gives us a large list.  

Then we add the last name of "Torres" and hit enter again to get the result we are looking for.

There are additional restrictions when searching very large tables but those will be explained in the Knowledge Base.

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