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Integration Overview

Integration is about having dbFront work more closely with your existing infrastructure such as your Network, Website, and Authentication. 

The simplest projects are those that don't require integration because then you can just do a simple install and everything should just work.  That is not the reality for many if not most environments because there will often be existing systems and the expectation that anything new will play nice with those existing systems.

dbFront was written from the ground up with integration in mind. Below we will cover the different areas of integration and show how dbFront is able to deal with each area.

You should make a point of only doing the integration steps that make sense for your environment from an ROI perspective.  Each level of integration increases cost and adds risk when it comes time to upgrade your systems and/or dbFront.

The following chart shows the different areas of integration that dbFront supports along with some idea of the costs/benefits ratio.  The most beneficial are listed first:

Integration Cost Benefit Value

Single Sign-on

Low High Most valuable
Site Layout and Menus

Basic: Low
Exact: High


Linking into dbFront from your existing applications is very simple and effective. Anything more becomes very involved.

Theming Basic: Low
Exact: Medium
Low Some users prefer a different theme per system to make it easy to recognize the different systems they use.




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