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Config Migrated - Please update your web.config file

With the introduction of dbFront, a number of settings were migrated out of the web.config and moved to the dbFront Service.

The result is that it is now much easier to change dbFront settings.  With the exception of a few edge cases, all changes can now be made via the settings dialogue in dbFront.  The settings dialogue is open via the menu from [Help] / [Settings].

These settings were moved for several reasons:

  • Changing Web.config settings is problematic and forced an application restart,
  • Storing the settings on the service is more secure,
  • Service stored settings can be shared between multiple web servers in the case of a web farm.


dbFront will automatically migrate the web.config settings as soon as you attempt to change any of the settings.  No settings will be migrated if no changes are made.

If desired you can force the settings to migrate by opening the settings dialogue, [Help] / [Settings], and saving a trivial change.  Once you save the changes you should see a message asking you to open the web.config file and remove the migrated settings.

Newer versions of dbFront should completely ignore the old settings but these old settings may cause confusion for anyone who might want to administer dbFront in the future.

Settings to Remove

It is important that you ONLY remove the settings that dbFront specifically asks you to remove.  Removing setting prematurely or incorrectly can corrupt your dbFront install.

The removal message can appear in the notification area in the database view or at the bottom of the settings dialogue.

          e.g. "Please remove the settings [UseCDN, UsageAgreement, SiteHeaderHtml] from the web.config."

As always when updating system files, please backup the file before making changes.

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