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SysLog Setup

dbFront supports logging to a Syslog server as one of its logging options.  The benefits of logging to a Syslog server are that the logging is consolidated and can be monitored by servers with the ability to automatically escalate issues to the appropriate staff.


Logging Settings

To configure Syslog support, open the Logging tab in the dbFront Settings screen.  Administrators can access the setting from the [Help] / [Settings] menu.

All that is required is that you enter the IP address and Port of the SysLog server in the format {ipaddress}:{port} or  {servername}:{port}. For example:


The setting change should take effect immediately.  If logging does not start, examine the dbFront log file for any debug output.   The log file can be viewed via the menu [Help] / [Log Viewer] and search for "Syslog".

Papertrail Setup

A great way to experiment with this functionality is to sign up for Solarwinds - Papertrail.  Papertrail can trigger a variety of services (PagerDuty, Zapier...) based on log events.

Setting up Papertrail with dbFront is nearly effortless:

  • Create or sign in to your free Papertrail account,
  • Open the Dashboard (usually the first screen),
  • Find and click on the link "Add more systems",
  • A new dialog will open with a heading message similar to the following:
    "Your logs will go to and appear in Events."
  • Copy the text from the message and set it as the {servername}:{port} in dbFront,
  • Save the dbFront settings,
  • and return to the Papertrail dashboard to view your dbFront events.
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