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Custom User Help

Custom client help can be added to many different areas of dbFront.  All help text can include HTML formatting.

Field Help

Field Help appears inside a help bubble just below the field when the user clicks on the help icon.  Hover text is avoided for field help because is way too distracting when moving through fields. It is especially problematic for Lookup Fields.

For more details see: Field Help

Button Help

Button Help is displayed on hover because it avoids needing an extra help icon and the hover help is not as distracting for buttons.

For more details see: Button Help

Table Help

Table Help is designed to be all-inclusive and more substantial and so it was placed in the optional sidebar.

For more details see: Table Help

Context Specific Help

Context-specific help automatically changes depending upon the contents of the current record.  This is used to provide help in Wizards or other record types where the current status or even the current date might result in special processing requirements and instructions.

For more details see: Context Specific Help

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