your database front-end

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Application Setup

A web application can be comfortably set up in dbFront within 30 minutes.  You can view the video Adventure Works in 5 Minutes to see this in action.

Below you will find the steps that are required so that you can get to the point were a user can log in to the application and start updating the data.

Advanced activities such as custom validation and action buttons will take a bit longer to set up but most of that time will be spent crafting appropriate registry expressions, database procedures or table triggers.

First Steps

  1. Create a Database Connection.
  2. Update the Database Preferences to organize your tables and set some basic properties.
  3. For each table:
  4. Finally, update the Connection Access to give your users access.

Advanced Steps

  • Create/Update database triggers and constraints to ensure business rules can't be violated
  • Add Action Buttons to perform specialized functions.
  • Add Row Level Security to ensure users can only see and edit what they should.
  • Add Reports for invoicing, review or documentation purposes.

Next Step

The next step is to update the preferences for the databases the connection made available

Content you want the user to see goes here.