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Oracle Connectivity

dbFront currently supports Oracle versions 10g through 12.

No Drivers Needed

Starting with version, dbFront now ships with all the components needed to connect directly to your Oracle database.  There is no longer any need to install separate Oracle drivers.

Database Connections

Connecting to a default install of Oracle requires that you just specify the server name or IP address.   If the server is on the same server as the dbFront Application server then you can use the name LOCALHOST to connect to the local server install. By default, a typical Oracle listener (the service that listens for and directs connections) will listen on port 1521.

Depending upon your oracle configuration you can enter the oracle server, port, and service information in one of the following formats:

  • {servername}
  • {servername}/{servicename}
  • {servername}:{port}/{servicename}

For example, if you need to connect to a database named "HR" on a server name "OracleHost", then you would enter "OracleHost/HR" in the server name field.

Next Step

The next step would be connecting to a database and starting the setup of a web application.

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